Sunday at the Oasis .

Sunday at the Oasis. So woke up after a night of segmented sleep. Seems I’m having more episodic sleep rather than obscure dreamy sleep. So went to Church. Of the many LDS Wards I have attended and been part of, the Burley 5th Of Burley Idaho, is about as friendly and warming, as a Rooster greeting a badger, its not that welcoming. Of this only 2 Wards that I have known like this is the Springville Utah 4th Ward, and the Wendell Idaho 1st Ward. Then listened to Testimony meeting, that bored me squatless, but the speeches are getting shorter and more to the point. I still have a problem, with bringing up Primary aged kids. If they are to bare Testimony, they should not be coached or prompted. They have no concept of what they are saying . Sorry, while I’m told that I should forgive as God forgives me, still I’m critical of symbolism in Church. Do it out of heart, not just to present to others of the Holier than thou attitude. Then we went to Sunday School class. Talk about a classroom that is more 80 % of near 80 year olds. It looked like death warmed over. Can I have a Sunday School class just once that has the reverse? How about a classroom, full of 45 to 65 year olds, with a lot more eye candy, mixed in for good measure? That’s all I want. A Sunday School class that invites participation, rather than when you raise your hand you get ignored. Results? Me not going to Church as often. I can worship and read scripture at home. One would think that President Nelson is supposed to be a visionary. I have an idea, President Nelson needs to stay at home not be prancing around the World. If he wants to travel, why not visit some Wards like Burley Idaho’s 5th Ward? Guess this relates. I have usually been accustomed to the finer, things in life. I drive a cool car, when we refired HazzardAyre Radio in Utah, we did it in a small office located where they ran I4 Solutions, a web site server company in Woods Cross, Utah. I had a taste of 1 gig Internet. Then when I moved to Evanston, got with the Unita View Ward there. Mark our Bishop, had a firm, but compassionate way around him, He made you feel Welcome, of course Dave, his Father in Law and others like Hutch, even though I stubbed my toe once there, still I was forgiven. Sunday School Class was better, and I felt like speaking. Priesthood, was more brotherly, not because they had to , but because they wanted to. Other Church Wards could learn a lot from the Uinta View Ward. All I know I constantly looked at the clock today, and as soon as class ended , I was outta there as fast as General JaXson>waiting General< could go. No wonder people are leaving the Church. 

just pappySo Came home and watched another Sunday of SVU, since the race at Daytona was red flagged due to rain. Which is not anything new, its been getting piddly here as well. There went summer.

Sparklight advertising has a new pitch girl on that has a great presentation, so going to look into that. Thing is, now that we have a path to recovery of HazzardAyre/KTOWFM, still this time I want to do it right. I looked over our ratings numbers this morning just before going to Church. We hit a 1.5 , barely being heard. What we need to do is get a more aggressive push of awareness. This would be a bit easier if we were OTA, but because we are digital radio, (Interweb Webcasting) if people don’t know where to tune in or how to tune in, they can’t tune in. So cable TV ads are the platform. Now September 3rd is the premier of the second season of the Mayans. Which is SOA with a slightly different spice. If timed right we can target the audiences we need to increase our awareness. To capture that attention requires a hot looking gal pitching our message. Look its July, that gives us just over a month. 


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