Still the best and still delivering. Plus: We are looking for a few TV Models for our booster TV ads.

Even though our online radio gig has been down since December of last year, every unit of HazzardAyre/KTOW FM is still very active in delivering the news. Views from the seat of the pants of working towing professionals. KTOW was established in 1984 and has been barking over both online as well as over the air, without restrictions of bias’s . We research, read, and write news for only one person, YOU the guy or gal sitting in that tow truck. That has always been the core of what we do here. toew bros wyngz reverted The Iron Knytes Association and the fraternal Toew Bros Association owns and operates KTOW, as well as HazzardAyre. HazzardAyre saw its first light in the Spring of 2012. It is by its name the melding and blending of Hazzard County Radio, and AyreWolfFM. The original online radio show for those into vintage military aircraft, Warbirds from The Navy and Marine Corps.  Not just the Air Force. From UH-1 Helicopters to super sonic F-18 Hornets, that’s what AyreWolfFM is and was created by myself and our Miss Nurse GoodBody Erin.

That makes HazzardAyre. You already know we have been down since December, duh to a bloober of PoohBear, but we are getting closer to resurrecting KTOW and HazzardAyre Radio. However when I saw our latest Spreaker stats, ( were so low, that I wonder if anyone was tuning in at all. NO MORE. This time we are going in hot. We are busy creating ads for TV that will air During the Mayan’s. 7f2435df3ef2ce074ac80f5148055c7cWhich is a spin off, of;

Which gave birth to;knytes-symbol-1_thumbwhich became;Knytes of Dixie 2who are the second parent organization and owners/operators of KTOW FM and of course HazzardAyre. But I am getting off course. What we are now looking for some very hot honeys to enhance our rides on the TV ads, that hopefully will get more ears to our online radio gig. If your at least 28 years old or older, snazzy looking and can both act as well as model, get in touch. Email us at;, or by phone at 208-544-1893. 

I know lots to digest, but our aim, is to go full throttle on this radio gig, for the benefit, of guys and gals like me out here trying very hard to make a buck driving a tow truck, because we love, Toews.

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