Tonight on the Edge of Wetness.

This morning whilest I was laying in my hospital bed, watching yet another repeat version of SVU, this guy and gal was laying besides each other then they woke up, and started doing the tonsil hockey boogie. From my many encounters I can tell you that when you first wake up hers and your breath, and the taste in her mouth is all but inviting. Most women during the invasion of mother nature or if she’s having an imbalance her breath will knock a buzzard off of a manure wagon. Pee-ewe. Then I watched a thing that had his head in her arm pit. And he starts smooching her arm cavity. Trust me after a nights romp in the sack, and heat under the blanket, her pits are not going to be appetising . just stinkyof course , at least in my opinion, the only safe spot on her anatomy first in the morning is her feet and toes. Simply women’s feet and toes do not smell bad. Its a cross of musk, and jello. (m=eaAaGwObaaaa)(mh=eDh5Igo6Ijddfryb)1 So, 13:00 the hot nurse came in , gave me my prescribed Mickey, and off the the Cat House on the Prarie and it was surgery time. What they do is squirt, silicone in your knee area, to aid the healing of the cartilage that was injured. What happened, was in the yard yesterday, loading cars to haul to the crusher, when I slid off and hit the ground, hard right on my knees. My left knee wasn’t hurt , but my right one came out of socket. I snagged my nut sack as well . Makes one wonder why they can’t make a none skid coating on a rollback so you don’t slip on em. J&C 2 So saw on my phone on fb that some talent agency out of I suppose Utah, was interested in our talent find. While I’d rather hire no name, naturally built talent like Alex, Alexstill with all the trouble finding, interviewing and all of no name talent maybe we do need to just contract with one or two agencies and them do the scouting. It’s no secret that its no longer about hiring talent with benefits, after all I have my PoohBear PoohBearbut it comes down to put up something on external media like TV and newsprint, to get more people to tune into us on KTOW/HAZZARDAYRE radio, online. I hear the dinner tray so will catch ya’ll later. Its Raviolee night.

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