102 in Hazzard today, Summer finally has arrived.

It was 102 degrees today here in Hazzard Idaho. Guess, Summer has finally arrived. Next went to Walmart, here in Burley, to which I got me some new socks, a new belt to hold up my pants, my old one got trashed when I worked at DI in Twin Falls in September last year. Only problem with the new belt it was too big. So with nail, hammer and pocket knife my britches are secure. Of which they weren’t when I went to Smith’s Foods here. Had to get prescriptions, but my pants fell down. Guess I made a few of the old and young ladies got a thrill. I just laughed it off and gathered my britches up, and krept home.

Spreaker logo1As some of you have heard its a fact, I have been escalated to President of the Knytes. With that as soon as its fully ratified, I’m planning on being more aggressive to the radio op. This means securing a facility, retrieving our radio gear, getting the word out via TV ad’s as to what we do, and why we do it. This includes but not limited to recruiting female model talent, both freelance as well as from agencies including TMG in Utah and another with a similar name. Mini Cassia area needs a serious LIVE radio and eventually TV station. Since no one else has stepped up to the plate, it’s up to the Knytes to do it, and that’s just the kind of thing the Knytes does. So its off to Utah next week, with a swing through Evanston to see Rick and my beloved LexiBelle, my LexiBelleand go to education classes for sustainment of my Presidency. So there wont be as much activity here on the site. In the meantime I’ll be working to find shop space for HCC>hcc logo 1as well as KTOW/HazzardAyre Radio.


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