Yes youngsters there is a major difference between a Online Radio Station and a PodCast.


Every once in awhile I have realign minds. You’d think by now with all the slightly elevated from diapers techies that they’d know the difference. In America there are only two online Radio Stations, One in Cleveland Ohio, and ours. OWow is the one in Ohio, ours of course is HazzardAyre Radio. Along with all our shows. Now a PodCast, is a simple thing, that might be only an hour or two, maybe up to 4 hours, of someone spealing off about some product, or reading a book. An Online Radio Station like ours, plays commercials, runs music, airs newscasts, and does weather . While a Podcast , is not usually playing music or taking the time to monitizing content or their shows. Speaking of Radio. There is a publication, that I’m not reading as much as I used to, mainly because their content has gotten lame. It’s Called RadioInk, which spawned off a thing for us online broadcasters. In both cases, their missing the train. To which our parent media firm, SouthernSteele, is looking to launch a publication, both in print and online, called Rural-Small Market Broadcasting. Reason? Rural stations seldom get the well ink, that the big conglomerates do. I don’t know how many times I have poked the Editor of RadioInk, to do an article on KTOW or HazzardAyre. Yet the call goes unanswered. Our goal as a station, is to maintain, the magic of both Over the Air, as well as online mom and pop, single owner rural radio and/or TV. This big media outfits, remove local programming, and tell some local guy what he or she can air. The only people that should be telling that station owner/manager what to air is the FCC, even that is margianl . Its what I have always said we are, We are Fight The System, Confederate full throttle Radio.



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