But I just wanted the soup.

So woke up at 17:00 knew I couldn’t make Tweaker Flatts by 17:30 informed the people no could show until Thursday eve at 19:30. With that went to Denny’s, and just wanted a bowl of soup and iced tea, but got the Senior special instead. Okay met a new Chickadee for video projects for HazzardAyre. So I left Denny’s and thought schitte I’ll just cruise by the old place in Heyburn. What I saw was my tiny house was needing paint, grounds mowed, but was bare as a turkey drumstick on Thanksgiving. Just up the street saw 4 shops one for sale, two for rent. Don’t know about #4. The tiny house has enough room around it for my trucks, me, and yes PoohBear. So I stopped, went into the back yard, and saw that the tiny chair I left there in 2012, was still there. More over as I sat down, the same birds were there and those choke cherries were budding on the trees. Additionally the same next door cat, came right over and laid right beside my chair. Here’s the clincher, for schittes and giggles went over to the mail box, guess what? Most of the mail was addressed to me. So in the morning, its my duty to sniff this out as it would solve a ton of problems. 

Why are brothels not in Idaho? After all in most towns from pioneer and frontier lore, prostitution is still legal in most towns. It’s never been removed from the law books. Now the reason, I bring this up as, much as I love PoohBear, and would never cheat on her , still I have a severe need to breed. It’s been since Monkee left me some 22 years ago, that Herman saw the inside of a honey’s tunnel. The fact that I eyeball everything that looks and smells nice I have done a great job from refraining from any kind of copulation. Bottom line I need some touchy feely. 

Thus if there was a brothel withing reasonable driving distance, I’d go there. Going to a brothel, is not cheating on your spouse. Its like thearapy with benefits. Need your teeth fixed you go to the Dentist, you get sick, you go to the Doctor or Hospital, and if you get the blue nuts and have a need to breed you go to a brothel. In all cases you pay a professional a reasonable fee to cure a bodily malady. 

Pearson is premiering on USA TV Cable channel, so I’ll go for now .

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