kNYTE Flyte

Finally I get a chance to slide into this cockpit and fly this byrd. Doing graphics, finding content, and all the rest, means I don’t get any rest. In fact if I get to bed before 03:00 its a miracle. Between dealing with members crisis’s , the business of the Club, and then my business, there is no break and little sleep. Years ago I could go 72 hours easy without hitting the rack, these days I can last about as long as it takes Herman to spit up during mating. About 3 minutes. I need a break and a long snooze. 

Well, the weather is being kind here in Hazzard, few rain drops fell today. As such the handle on the load chain ratchet was wet and slippery. Yep you got it, right in my jaw. So Hallstead runs me into the hospital, where a tooth extraction and some heavy meds, and I was on my home here to Hazzard City from Twin Falls. Which proved to be interesting . Why they put up a speed limit sign of 45 through Murtaugh is beyond me, since none body slows down. So got home, tweaked on the TV and began to consume food. Forget that, my jaw was sore so couldn’t chew very well, add to that as much as I want to eat it don’t stay down. So here at 02:12 hours, I sit hungry on one side, pukey on the other.

bad-smell-girl-closing-her-nose-her-fingers-65260329 (1) It’s beyond belief how Madison Avenue NYC loves to commercialize everything, including giving a half ass’d salute to the Apollo 11 moon landing,

which I’m all for since I was there sitting right at a viewer screen, at Mission Control in Texas. If they left it at that it’d be okay, thing is all too much garbage is on TV trying to lap up the bread crumbs. Yippee skipee. 

With that I’m horizontal. I need sleep.

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