Things here are closer than they appear

KTOW Radio Journal 2pappy's journal

Is it just me, or has Facebook started to loose its luster? Any more I go on there, look at MY groups, and MY pages, see if Rick and/or PoohBear is on, and then leave. It’s just not that interesting any more. The second half of this its not the core site suffering, WHatsIT and Instagraghm has become stale as well. Then you run across the groups and or pages, that post a Website. So you click the web-addy, only to discover that, the site has been parked, up for sale or just plain kaput. Fortunately both KTOWFM.COM is still alive, as well as our streaming site, . Our shows our operation still intact and in operation. Which makes me wonder why so many of the budding models etc that’s on FB, doesn’t ever comment or reply back when I post gigs that we are doing. Where else besides a brothel, can a woman or lady talent, make a couple of grand in one day? When its obvious that the Syndicate is very much alive HAZZARD SYNDICATE LOGOand well. Outside of the delay in construction of our facilities, KTOW as well as HazzardAyre Radio/TV is growing. We just contracted today for future construction of station facilities in both Arco, and Roberts Idaho. And yet there is the hesitancy of some many hot ladies, that seldom make a phone call and or send an email. Question is why? Distance? That can be fixed by an airplane ticket. Lodging? Got that covered. So what’s the reluctance? If there is one thing that is us, its that we are very much real, honest and have the tenacity to keep on keeping on. The declining American Economy has not hurt the Syndicate

one bit. We are still generating income and albeit slim, still making a profit. Hazzard Syndicate logo2 But that’s just the way it is.

Even though I know, that my body needs to be asleep right now, still there’s my duty and ultimate dedication to the Knytes. This was much of the case when I lived in Jerome and working for DI, It was the same thing in December when I needed to be in move mode, and yet carving out this news pub, as well as being on air for and by the Knytes, I lost near everything. However I didn’t, I trusted in my Church , God, and the Knytes to pull me through. That’s what it is to be a Knyte, no more no less. 

The Royal End

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