Welcome to Hazzard City

Hazzard County Knytes

The mills are busy here in Hazzard City. Stepped out of my baracks and inhailed, Thing is what I ingested was the aroma, of Grain and cattle feed. So watched the two new offerings on USA Cable network. No biggy, more hype than content. Then comes on Law and Order SVU

which I began to think, how old and no real eye candy considering Mariska Hatigay Olivia Bensonnow myself in my opinion, they should have died off Olivia Benson, and promoted Kelli Giddish aka Detective Rollins

Nothing like a hot blonde Georgia Peach to boost ratings. Makes one just want to invite her over and have her park, her heels under my bunk. Let’s face it Law and Order SVU has been running for what now 25 years. I see things outdated on the reruns. Yet I think, who ever makes the decisions on that show needs to re-evaluate casting. Dick…

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