I am going to kill Mother Nature for giving women PMS.


There ought to be a book written(perhaps I will) for how men have to deal with your lady’s PMS session of the month. Women get so damn moody and crabby you have no idea what to do , what to say, without it becoming a frigging battle zone. Nearly as bad as when she’s giving birth to a child, all of a sudden every damn thing you have ever done, thought , fantizized about in the past or that you may do in the future you interegated to the point you feel you relived the Spanish inqusition. Don’t bring up any sweetee you saw at lunch, at the store, or preytell at work. No do not do it, its like stepping on a field mine. It’s enough to drive you batty. 

PoohBear texts me saying she’s piss’d(what else is new?) and that she’s going to go to bed crying. When I asked why she wouldn’t say. PoohBear gets this way every month, during PMS time, and its usually making a mountain out of a ant hill. No substance, no real crisis, and most of the time no basis. I was going to the movie to see the new reworked Lion King, but decided to save the money, for the retrieval of my radio gear in Twin Falls. Meaning ate at home, and watched the new thing from William Shatner aka Capt. Kirk, Which I will say this about that; maxresdefault

Now then; got a ping from a fb group that requested that I change my profile photo, because it may insult or make people uncomfortable. Really? If my Flag of Dixie images2 makes you feel uncomfortable or might insult you, then you make me uncomfortable and insulted, to which I say hqdefault (2)schitte on you. I will not back down, ignore or forget my southern heritage and ancestors for nobody. If some damn Yankee wants to have their shorts in a bind over it, tough. Nobody ever said Yankees ever had any brains anyway. My banner will always be AYRESIG2 and I will never apologize for it, as I’m proud of it. 

Recently, President Trump, being who he is and saying that which few dare, told 4 Congresswomen to go back where they came from. I have an idea, why don’t us Confederates, tell all these Yankee’s to go back home where they came from? 

MORE L8R ya’ll