Let’s call this the day after.Thank God for Goody’s Powders.


Finally got PoohBear calmed down. Talk about a person that needs human distemper shots. Whoo. The rukus caused a major headache, which made me miss Church, and as well my morning snack at Perkins. I don’t go to Denny’s unless Alex Alexis working. Finally was able to catch a few z’s, only now have a slight invasion of ants in the domicile. Which means itch city even in bed. The little bastards crawl all over. While they really don’t bite neither does the moths that flitter in at night, still, its a pestering situation. 

So came home from Smith’s where Ashley was looking so fine and hot. With her cinnimon flavored lip gloss and that cute little hiney, as well as her new goggles, we chatted, and snagged my grub. Only forgot to pick up my prescriptions. So responded to a tater truck turn over at Idahome Road. That done, went picked my prescriptions and turned on the TV where, HighwayThruHell-Landing-DesktopTablet-PrimaryVisual was on the Weather channel. All of my crew is required to watch that show as well as our name sake Heavy Rescue 401. We watch then review the recoveries they do on there and think of would we do it that way? Could we have done it better? The life of a heavy rescue recovery technician is much different than that of a single light duty tow jock. When we respond to a call, its really big time. Our slide-off’s etc usually happen on Sweetzer Summit, or out mid way to Coldwater on I-86. This time of the year its mostly recovering tater trucks, and sugar beet trucks. Of course our service trucks are busy as well. Speaking of trucks, this is kind of like the new rig we have on order, >highway-thru-hell-truck <And yes its a WesternStarlogo. Of course with all the upset of the overnight hours here, I had a stomach ache like you could not believe, which meant heaving, which messed up my blood glucose A-1-C levels, look I love PoohBear to death. I have been extremely  loyal and true to her since we met. Although I can say if I had wanted to step out, with all the honey’s I have met over the last 2 years or so here, in Western Idaho, I could have sunk my worm, so easily, but I didn’t. This behavior is not really PoohBear’s fault. She’s had a really shitty past. She’s been hovered over and over protected from the rest of the world, to the point she at times has no idea who to trust. She says she doesn’t need mental counseling. I disagree. I remember just after the collapse of KRVI in Gooding, I was so messed up. For years everybody said get some help, but I ignored them. Finally it was nurse GoodBody Erin THECOLONELANDELLIEMAYwho took me by the hand to a medical doctor, then over to Alliance, Counseling where I got together with a cat named Todd Woodward, who got me with someone who started me with the Lithium, and all and got me to a point to where I don’t have the big mood swings I used to have. I can stay on point, keep my mind most of the time clear, and get things done. I associate this process to the Alcoholic. Who doesn’t think they need help, or an intervention, that their schitt don’t stink. Until the bottom drops out and you find that someone lifting you up and aiding you to do the heavy lifting of life, is a blessing. This is the concept I’m trying to direct to PoohBear. She doesn’t think she needs that kind of help, but I feel it would make a world of difference. 

imagesThe Miss Hazzard County Talent search is under way. A $200k modeling/talent contract is the grand prize. Accepting applicants at: knytesofanarchy@yahoo.com Until September 1st. More on that on our late night edition.


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