The Soap Drama continues .

eow temp It’s Sunday morning. Tried to go to bed, but the mind and body were fighting in that too much flowing through the brain, and without any way to drain my brain, I woke up. Experts say that if you can’t sleep , don’t fight it, wake up, get out of bed and wait until your body’s clock says go to sleep. Which for me is about 03:00 except those nights that Alex is working out at Denny’s here then it’s 05:30 AM. Of all the many people that’s younger than 30, of any gender, Alex has more ambition that is all business no kinky, than any I have ever met. She’s already said yes to the Radio op, so now its on my back to get into getting our studio set and gear recovered. I had every intention, of rolling over to Tweaker Flatts, Saturday, but PoohBear just had to wake me up at 04:00 with her tantraum, over pure bull stuff, and after a few minutes I attempted to hit the rack, but hunger crept in, so out to Denny’s I went. At which, Alex had this sour apple liquid lip gloss stuff that looked groovy, and with my chapped lips she spread some on me once I got done scarfing down my 55+Starter breakfast. Which did not mix well with Skoal Wintergreen Original Smokeless tobacco. Skoal Girlthen myself and Alex’s guy talked gears, and the Camaro he just bought. So then came home. Then all day it was text, after text, after text. With the implication that I was violating relationship boundries. Really? This is always it with PoohBear, and while I love her to death, its starting to wear on me. I’ll be expanding this on another newslog , but fact is , it makes a long day, and mucho stress. She says stress is her problem, it sure is. She loves making mountains out of ant hills. What is unimportant, or a simple observation. Becomes a major event. PoohBear’s thing comes from a very bad bunch of past relationships, plus a very poor self esteem. Even when I compliment her, PoohBear has to argue with me about it. Is it a train wreck about to happen? Time will only tell. 

Chat with ya’ll in a bit. It’s Alex Alex time.


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