If you awaken me, but wont tell me who you are, do not knock on my door.

Colonel’s Log 201922.07 , Some idiot decided that they needed my attention so proceeded to awaken me at 14:00 hours. A time where I can catch some z’s, when it’s uncomfortably toasty outside, something that no news weather is talking about, warning those with medical conditions to avoid the ultra hot sun. So there I am, having a picinic with Jennifer Morrison(Cameron-House TV Show jennifer1) when a knock hits on my door. I ask who is it? No response. So I roll over and try to re-enter REM sleep, when another knock came. Again I asked who is you? No response. I always say , if you want to visit me, CALL me on the phone first. See if I’m home and/or awake. Out of a week, I only get two , that is 2 DAYS where , I’m not running tow calls. Monday’s and Thursday’s. The rest of my week its 24/7/365. I don’t fly when its this hot out, it’s early in the morning, and unless its a medical Emergency, its stay in out of the redgid hot sun. So when someone wakes me up before or just a hour after noon, on my day off it piss’s me off. Okay.

Some of my minions of fans asked me where this modeling crap started. Back in the day at 1972/73 when I discovered the original Overdrive Magazine, and during the formation of the TTA , we said , ” If Parkhurst can do it, so can we.”  Overdrive did the Trucker of the month, Datemaster

Our thought, place sweet honeys with tricked out tow trucks. Hence the 1997 video Klassik Hookers And Haulers, that we peddled while we were erecting the towers for Dixie Diesel Radio near Rigby Idaho. hazzardayre dixie diesel hedderand that’s how that started. Of course recruiting sweet feminintiles was much easier. Not everything female was running around scared schittless, or paranoid. Today, most of the time we have to contract through one of three agencies, one of course is Talent Management Group, or TMG of Salt Lake City. For anything else its a crap shoot in the dark, usually consuming more time, with little results. As for the WolfPack, why not do real life pinups as was on military aircraft of the day, as well as flat out what is done today?

Of course in the day, the classic original pinups, meant then to be a moral lifter to very weery troops and military pilots, the classics were of such that many had photo’s attatched with toothpaste on the overhang of their bunks. 

Why couldn’t or can’t that be done today? Or has our population became so PC, that beauty is over come by the beast? That’s why we do the model crap, its not to get my or any of the WolfPack’s peckers wet. 

Finally tonight, the big settlement between the FTC and Equiafax was reached. While it sounds like a big windfall, $400,000,000.00 only renders $4.00 per consumer, considering the mass data breach in 2017. 

Keep it Wings Level. L8R Aviators.

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