Whoops there goes the surgical thread.

So there I was on the throne reading the paper for whatever good that is, and grunted just a bit too hard, and ripped the stitches inside of me from overnight surgery. So they put me out, went inside and resewed everything back together, meaning all liquid diet, and the inability to talk. Thank goodness for wifi and my laptop. On that, I bought this tiny laptop nearly 4 years ago, for a $100.00 and outside of a few maladies has been damn good and dependable. Not everything inexpensive is a looser. Right? 

So PoohBear texted me at least a dozen times, one where she sent me pics, especially Sunny, who I am in the opinion has it together where she lives more than the people there. So since I couldn’t talk, and the Vicodin was kicking in, I slept most of the day. Doctor said it was all due to the stress of last weekend, plus the heat stroke, so with my collapsed lung back in service and my ulcer not any longer bleeding, I’m okay. So as usual, I’m awake watching House, and wondering what it would be to be kinky With Allison Cameron(Jennifer Morrison) Some day I’m going to find out. Jennifer-Morrison-copyand what else would a gray blooded Confederate male corpuscle wouldn’t? So as I watched House I watch the idiotic TV ad’s, which lately are on the increase. That Rita’s Sprits is one of them, put something slightly eye candy up there instead of three fugdugly old bats. Same thing goes for our TV ads, for our radio gig. I popped up an ad for a fox or two to grace the studio, to give out ads a bit of sizzle. If your spending money on TV ad’s give it some pinache rather than something generic, other wise your just peeing money down a rat hole. Whether its your tow business, shop, or some other thing your spending money on in advertising, if its not creative, you’d be best just to place a still ad in the local Sooper Ads. 

Well the nurse said lights out. See ya’ll here Wednesday at 14:00.

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