If you want to get on your feet, get off your butt.

So got home from the hospital, after having most of my guts torn out, and PoohBear gave me a jingle. Can’t talk much my wind pipe is a bit raw, but I am managing. So tweaked on the tiny tube, watched a couple of USA’s offerings, Suits and Pearson, won’t last long if at all. The shows aren’t pulling the numbers that NBC/USA planned on. Of course few of the new shows are pulling in numbers. With numerous old series’s being redone, there just are little if at all of creativity in the minds nor the pens of the writers and producers in HollyWeird. So we all suffer. Of course there are those that say the industry has went ODV and all, yet if you live in a rural area where bandwidth is low and thus can’t stream, OTA(over-the-air) broadcasters and networks are the only way to go. How about increasing and improving OTA , TV? Especially news. Since Dee left KTVB in Boise, they’re newscasts have been hurting. They are just about equal to the junk casts of KMVT. Speaking of rural. Weathercaster Bri Eggers put up on FB a bit ago, how she kissed a cow. Question, are you sure it’s a cow? Might be a steer, if you don’t know the gender of a farm animal call it by its species, in this case a bovine. This is just the reason we truly need FFA and farm education in the schools. More over, its time for country to invade urban/city populations. Speaking of which, and I’ll go over this in another post here, but I think, its over time to make Boise once again part of Idaho, not just fronting Idaho, but retaining that island posture that Treasure Valley and Boise has always been.

Stay Tuned 1120081020

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