Don’t blame the college kid at the help desk, or fuss at the waitress, they don’t know.

Morning ya’ll, going to try to make this quick since I truly need to hit the rack.

So overnight was having issues with both my phone and this website. So I called MetroPCS and still didn’t get the issue resolved, so thinking of redouxing Verizon, or at least going to the local MetroPCS store here. Then was having issues sending emails of our posts here. Neither which show up any more. These things used to really piss me off. You’d think that the youngsters at these help desks would know how to fix things. What I have learned, since I worked a sales help desk with One Performance, selling of all things CenturyLink aka Qwest. You get maybe $10.00 per hour plus commission, if your very lucky, plus you get a script card to read from to solve problems for the customers. If the issue is beyond that script board, nobody is going to be happy. The customer won’t be happy since the issue isn’t solved and you won’t be happy, because YOU came off as a dumass for not knowing more about the product or service. Then went had coffee at yes Denny’s, visited with our sweet heart there Alexx. And so one jackass wanted his money back as he felt the meal wasn’t to his liking. Granted this Denny’s beyond Alexx, is having staffing problems, especially the cooks, but to think it’s Alexx’s fault. Why? She serves what’s cooked. Same goes with just about any major or even SMB company, the college youth that’s serving you, have no clue as to getting you the real assistance you need. The soon to occur minimum wage is supposed to increase and hopefully that will improve customer service. My bet it won’t. Whether you pay $10.00 an hour, or $20.00 an hour like we do as a starting wage, your company is only as good as your customer service employees. Train em, and you retain them. 

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