Thank God I’m a Kountry Guy.

Earlier PoohBear was teasing me with, just what kind of honey raises Herman. Guess it had to do with the Gothic Redhead’s groups on FB that I have been watching to glean maybe some talent for the big media campaign the Knytes and yes now Deere Wyngz reverseda part of the Knytes that was formed in 1993 for those of us who love things that have that leaping Deere download on the side. Course too, Deere, did back the Dazzlerz as well as Dixie Deere Racing back in the day, until Deere got out of motor sports. So PoohBear started digging into my prefrences on honey’s and in all honesty Farm honey and Southern Kountry Sugar, is more to my taste than all these made up ladies. So I got to thinking through Queen of The South, with all these honey childs groups and pages on FB I thought maybe do up one that was a bit more wholesome as in Heavenly Farm Girls, or for that matter sexy Cowgirls. So I went searching on both Google and Pinterest, for images of hot southern kountry sweethearts. Know what? The amount of available photo art is so limited that I wonder what happened to the concept of sexy lady butts in Wrangler Cowgirl boot cut jeans? Then I got to thinking, there’s not a tremendous amount of women nowadays, that can pull that look off. Face it as the Ace once said, if her bum cheeks are bigger than both your hands on her cheeks, her fanny wont fit in Wranglers. I have known only maybe 5 women in my life both pro models and not so pro, that have a keester that look good in Wrangler Cowgirl boot cut jeans. There are other criteria as well. Mostly that a model talent for us as well as me, that the lady, knows the difference between a bull and a steer, the difference between a Cow and a heifer, and which end to milk one from. Mostly milk by hand. If we want as a nation, to cure the violence of our inner cities, if we want to stop the guns from firing in our schools, then lets get these young’ns out from behind a computer screen and out on the farm. Some of my fondest memories, comes from being on farms. Ours as well as my Uncle Dell’s farm near Grace Idaho. Being in that barn after moving sprinkler pipe, with a cold beer in my hand even at age 7, helping my Aunt Delora milk cows. When we’d strain out the teats, knocking the tiny kittens into the manure chute was a blast. Who needed TV or Computers? That’s why I live where I live. I love the smell of dairy farm kountry, I love the aroma of Silage, I love watching tiny new born calves and lambs frolicking in a field. To me this>67604718_10158850831814478_2095409085091414016_n< is classier than any limosine, and this >1957-59 Fordson Dexta< second only to my LexiBelle>Lexi2< is about the sexiest thing on earth. As I say now and will Say again, Thank God above I am a Southern Kountry Guy.

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