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26231509_274144669778846_8002469966843450423_nGood Saturday Morning

Once again, I slept all day yesterday. Body is recuperating from the mass belly surgery, of which the gunk they pour into you so they can see inside you, gives you the trots like you can’t believe. Plus a headache that keeps me partially awake, and since I can’t take my Goody’s Powders 900 I have to suffer through. Guess old age and many of the road miles of the highway of life is catching up to me. There are a few fellers that have said I should seek the services of 23&Me DNA testing . To see what my kin folk had that I might yet get. I have a problem with swabbing my mouth and putting a sample of me and shipping to a place that I know not, and to people examining it that I know not. Whose to say that some idiot, decides to go out and assault some kid or woman somewhere or commit a violent crime, leaving MY DNA, behind. And me having to defend that? No way. I’ll die with my maladies, before I do something like that.

So early yesterday morning, noticed that all my postings from our Website here, was not getting Emailed like usual. So I consulted WordPress gurus to see what was up with that. They said according to their system logs it got emailed, but fact is; both Yahoo and Google’s GMail was not posting. Can’t be that both of those systems are fibbing. But hey it get’s better. Understand that I was and still am holding my head with one hand and stress mounting making that worse, must be the hangover from the pain meds etc from surgery. Any mile so I’m sitting here finding that I could not send text and such messages from my computer to my phone. So I call MetroPCS and have a bitch out session. Makes one what the hell I’m paying for. I’d go to Verizon in a Hazzard County second except, when a phone carrier shuts off your phone during a big snow storm and YOU drive a toew(tow) truck, and you just can’t get to the damn store to pay your bill, giving you an extra day , nah , that big pitch bytch they did during the SuperBowl this year of being and saluting first responders, is pure bunk. They recognize every other first response outfit in the nation, except those of us who clean up the mess and keep highways open and drivable yet they do not see us as a first responders? It’s time for an industry education project, via the media. Yes the Knytes are working on it. So getting back on the road here, so after the growling I gave to the Nigerian woman about what’s going on with my cell phone, she just hangs up when I ask to speak with a head cookie of MetroPCS. These mass media help desks manned by college kids that only read a problem card and can’t think beyond it, needs to be repaired. Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the human intelligence of the code writers. If only 40% of business’s trained their employees like we in towing do, these kinds of mess’s would not transpire. So how was you day yesterday?

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