What I did overnight, Whilest ya’ll were asleep.

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Whilest you were sleeping and breeding overnight I was busy. The opening of the title thread of the MoonRunners the movie of the Dukes, Waylon said, “don’t think everything is quiet overnight, some folks are working.” So was I. I began junking out a bunch of duplicate files on my Laptop, did 4 toews , and had an early morning breakfast at McDonald’s . Watched for review another drawn out crappy episode of DateLine on USA, then watched another about Bill Cosby’s malady . Here’s my take on these women that bark about being violated by these mega stars and not so mega. First the women are flat 100% fugdugly. If your going to risk your freedom and reputation as well as a good portion of your bank account, both in settlement as well as legal fees , for heck sake, find one that looks like sugar and is angelic, 26113864_1896205683752428_9000268934544714291_nnot some grungly wanna be black hussy. Which is what the gal who started the mess against Cosby looked like. I mean why would good old Bill, either Bill scrounge up either the one with Cosby, or for that matter that Monica Lewinski that toppled the Clinton administration? These women look like a bad animal skin some dog drug in overnight. Yuck. Of course in Clinton’s defense, if you had a wife that looked like Hilary, I might cheat too, but someone with much more class and sass. Jennifer-Morrison-Body-Measurements-Height-WeightNot something that looks as bad as MgRuff the crime dog. So then after that, watched a bit of screen for more news. Seems as news is a thing of the past. What we watch anymore on TV for a newscast is more like tabloid news. Not anything serious. You get one or two maybe 3 great stories and the rest is fluff. Which and I thank her for this, but might be why, my weathercaster frien Bri Eggers , sent me a blip on Twitter about a job opening at KTVB for a Content Journalist. Might sniff

On Monday, might be a entry way into Boise. Let you know Tuesday morning. So watched a old Jim Carey movie called YES MAN, which was okay, not one of his better works. Speaking of TV shows, I rewatched as is the normal for USA Network, since they have very little in their offerings, but rewatched Pearson, you know the bad black attorney chick from Suits, who moves to Windy City, to fix things for the Mayor. So in one scene, there was a video on the background TV, of what else the new version of the Lion King. For many this might have caused a bit of head scratching, but consider that Disney now owns the shows of FoX. Which is where Pearson came from. No surprise, what better way to promote your latest movie? In the old days it was called product placement, these days it might as well be called content placement. 

Any mile, its my snooze time so I’m in the rack, see ya’ll overnight.

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