I flat hate liars and scammers. Boss Hogg doesn’t hold a candle to these folks.

Today started and ended with me willing and wanting to administer some Reaper Crew tee-shirts-sons-of-anarchy-reaper-crew-tete-de-mort-noirjustice, but my restraint via Heavenly Father kept me from it. I’m beginning to think, that like most used car dealers and Real Estate sales-persons are of the same ilk. Can’t trust em in any way. Here’s the scene; thought we had a place for the radio gig, a house and perhaps shop. Guess what? The office , that was to be rented to us, by Mountain West Realty, was a marage. Not real but looked a heck of a lot like real. Then went down to some Oriental gal who sells real estate, same thing. However I loved the honesty of one of em, who said there is no money in renting. They don’t make money renting , but they sure make a killing in selling, so they’d rather sell than rent. Add to that the radio gear, and Mini Wolf is going to have to brought here over the weekend, or loose it all forever. My pal Rick is going down to be with his Dad in Arizona for a time, so LexitBelle needs to be fetched. Which leaves me in the spot of , store the radio gear, get a place at the Classic Lodge in Evanston, Wyoming, and move my ass down there. Or keep fighting a racist town that is against bikers, Confederates. A tech guy friend said it best, if you want to get the attention of anyone in property management, be a Mexican Black Mormon, if your not, you ain’t getting anything. So with that said need to bleed this out for you. This morning during surgery as I was in the land of Utopia , I thought, what the hell am I doing here any way? After all outside of Charlie, I have no family left here, its way to expensive to reside here, and outside of the initial start in Wendell, Idaho, KTOW hasn’t fired a shot yet. Now , while I have no family persay in Evanston, I have friends there, besides Rick, there’s Nate Brown, Mark my former Bishop, there. Then there’s Dave, Vern and so on. There are shops there, there is office space there for the radio gig, add to that , Evanston is a very short distance to both Grace and Soda Springs Idaho, where most of my kin folk, on my mothers side lives. Additionally, why not set up the radio op, up in Utah? Say Ogden or Salt Lake City where the resources both in tech as well as human resources are, that sadly will never be here in Burley. Then finally as I was checking out of the hospital in Twin Falls PoohBear calls, saying something about Walmart’s Computer system was down so she couldn’t send me the money she sends each month. Hey it’s not her fault, that kind of thing happens. So I’m here for a month, come September , it just might mean its hauling butt for Evanston, Wyoming. Keep it here for further details. 

More l8r ya’ll. 

TA TA for now.

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