Hey it’s a pay day Thursday, watch out the SSI crowd will be out.

Good grand morning. It is pay day Thursday. Most guverment beneficiaries will get their monthly, basic survival funds. Mine came in , just like clock work. No big deal, so rent and such are covered. Plus my trip over to Jerome, to see the Doc. Yesterday PoohBear calls me right in the middle of checking out of the hospital, saying that Walmart’s computer system was kaput. So no money(yet) from her yesterday. Now understand when it comes to finances, I’m no guru nor award winner. Schitte , I have a Fico score of 500 or less, couldn’t make a loan from a standard bank to buy a wrestling jacket for a piss ant if my life depended on it. Yet , I do have a bank account, and one for the organization. PoohBear, says she can’t get an account. Yet as bad as my credit rating is, I got two. Why can’t she , by herself, march on down to the local branch of Wells Fargo and open an account? If I could anyone else surly can. I even once suggested that PoohBear send me her deets, and I’d open an account from here, that we both could access. That suggestion fell on deaf ears. Maybe next week.

Just Pat So woke up after milling around the events of yesterday, then pondering on a relocation to Evanston, when after some research found the little house,little house in Idahothat tiny house I have lived in before. Many an event, not to mention but I will, that tiny house is where HazzardAyre Radio was born, and with the asking price is doable it makes sense to at least sniff it out. Buy the house and the entire lot, erect a shop next to it, do some slight enlargement reconstruction on the house, and because it’d be mine, no one could ever throw me and PoohBear out. So that’s my day plan. 

So last night, I watched Pearson marketand Suits 81KkgJH3--L._RI_My advice to USA TV, is; Don’t make this the final season of the series as its about the only thing holding your heads above water. The Chrisley’s 8b68b0a5db6941ada12de4183be9a627--julieis about the only alternative this network of NBC has. Unless you want to watch hours and hours of Law & Order SVU, NCIS, and one of my fave staples Chicago PD, the network is hurting. Cable TV networks are feeling the pinch of their greed as many are cutting the cord, and watching TV over their computers. Although in reality, the cord is not cut since most need that cord to feed their computers to the Interweb. Any way. Much to do today. The battle goes on. See ya’ll tonight.

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