What you see and don’t see through a Windshield and what you hear in the wind.

Today started okay, but half way to Murtaugh, the Service Engine Soon light came on. So I’m thinking oil, radiator fluid? Tranny fluid, hope I get to Twinky Flatts and back okay. So with a hour and a half before my meeting at SparkLight Advertising, thought might as well as go get my ears lowered(hair-cut) and get rid of the sidly burns. So pulled in at where I got it cut last time, soonest they could get me in was 16:30 hours, that weren’t going to work, went over next to that one place next to GoodFellas that we had in mind before the need to bleed at where HCC went. (more on that in a few laps. So they is out of business, both spots, hmm, see what happens when you ignore the Knytes? Then went over to the Lynnwood , thought the place I used to get shaved and mop mowed was, nope they closed. After chasing that whole damn thing around, said piss on it So stopped in at Subway, chowed down then headed over to SparkLight, where they have yet to change signage from Cable One to Sparklight. So saw the big supervisor, who knew me anyway and then some gal named Paige. Who as far as a ad sales person seemed okay. I keep wondering however, why the powers that be there at Cable-One/SparkLight, never hires any lady eye candy. Now granted this is from a male corpuscle’s view, but either buying advertising, a truck, or buying a few brews at a bar, the gal behind the bar, better look hot, or its one brew and I’m outta here. I don’t know if its against the law or not, but when we hire here for HazzardAyre FM and all, if she is a she and she better be a she or out comes the Kabar, knife. But when we hire , she better have eye candy and a sense of humor , or she don’t work for us. So then comes in the production gal named Bri. I sure seem to be running into a bunch of Bri’s here lately. First Brianna from Filer, at Filer Wireless, then Bri Eggers from KTVB 7, who is a dream gal, she has looks that kill and broadcasting skills. And now this one. So we had our meeting, I was very impressed with Bri, sort of with the sales-person assigned to me. So with that, SKOAL behind cheek and gum, I came home. Where I stay while the AC stays on and I stay inside. Still have the fault code, on the Gen JaXson. Now to quickly answer a question, the reason I spell Jackson as JaXson, is a tip of the hat honor salute to Jax Teller, as well as our Confederate General. As far as Twin Falls versus Burley. I’m all for Burley if I could just find a place to house the radio op. What people do not understand is when HazzardAyre is off the air, The Knytes are loosing $12,000.00 a day which is our regular income, from ads and program syndication. Then got home to find our Quorom President wouldn’t be in town for a week. Each day that equipment, is in storage is money out of my pocket and the potential, of loosing it all. If someone is going to help do a move, promises you they’d help you move, then for dang sure , do as you promised. Church teachings say be honest in all business dealings. You get asked that when you get interviewed for a Temple recommend. So if our Priesthood quorum President says okay, he’ll be there and the relinquishes what kind of an example does that send to someone just getting back into going to Church. Maybe they should see the example, my former Bishop in Evanston, and one of my best friends, Mark, how he did things. 

See ya’ll in a few , Medication hour and ya’ll know how I feel about medication


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