At least I got 2 things done today. And is officially registered and paid for.

At least I got two things done today. First got my shop, finally after some 8 months and a full on battle, I now have our MC Kustmz Shop. Now its just fix up the shop, put in sheet rock, and then give-er hell. So having a slight stiffy over that and staying inside next to AC while its so damn hot outside, got my ass in flyte and registered the third installment of HazzardAyre Radio, Yes it is ours, now just need a computer guru to help us build it. Funny, though. With Lycos, it was much easier to register the domain, and less costly than WordPress, and damn well less than going full tilt with Go-Daddy. So then I get this interweb mail traffic, from Terry in Utah, who says she lost our communique in her junk file. Really? Or is it that some of her talents, aren’t getting many bookings and she and they need money? Then she asks what I’m looking for in talent? Is it that hard to figure it out? I need a Resse WitherspoonReese Witherspoon type or a Sarah Rafferty sarah rafferty or heck at this point, I’d even druel at the mouth if we found a Gretchen Wilson,

Who IMO is one of if not the most beautiful women shy of Kerri Russell curlyhairandkerirussell05, to garner some tight leather leggings, or yoga pants, or even Spanx, who can talk and stand next to or otherwise enhance a few of our aircraft and/or bikes, who can talk. Then pay her or the agency the grand or so green stuff, and send her home. Is it that difficult to finger this out? Must be, but I’m reminded every time the lack of the elevator getting off the first floor, of StarFleet’s Prime Directive, that says in simple terms don’t expose under developed planets to advanced intelligence. The basic thing here is this: Civilians of any gender’s bread ain’t quite done. Know what I mean there Vern? But at least got two things done today, so I’m putting my blood clot legs up for a few and get a pizza. 

L8R Aviators.

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