Last night into early morning, I had a dream.

Good Monday morning ya’ll from the Wolf’s Den. You too PoohBear. Better get at it lot’s for you to do today. Rent is banging on my Wolf’s Den door.

So I’m sleeping and I get this idea. I hate when that happens, but I’m starting to think I am channeling Boyington’s spirit. Especially here lately. While LexiBelle is primary with me, still my second nature is still the love of flying. Be even that riding a scoot with the wind is grand , what is grander than an open cockpit at 20,000 feet at over 400 miles an hour? I can’t think of anything. The fact that since about age 4 even while courting Jolene Hatch , well it kinda was courting, Mom and Dad taking us both to the Pancake House in Clearfield Utah, and to the Davis Drive Inn where we saw mostly Disney fare flicks. Any flyte, so being raised a hardly stones throw away from the main gate, and runway of Hill Air Force Base and the fact Dad used to take me with him on his briefing tours to the base, I got to sit in just about if not every aircraft on that base. If it was in the main hangar or not. Even to the point, and few if anyone will admit it or not, I even flew at age 7 a T-39 out from that hangar into the sun. The Air Crew Corpsman said I was a natural pilot, since I had never had flight instruction, but flew that byrd with precision. Or so he said. The great X-15, F-11-A , F-4 Phantom, and when it was there the grand C-5-A Galaxy Transport. Hill had the prime contract on the lower parts of that aircraft. I either hitched a ride in a trainer, or just sat there at the stick dreaming, but I loved flight. Still do. No need to, but maybe that was why I leaned towards Combat Air, in the Marines, rather than just tooling on em. That all being said. Back in late 2013 after a big fight with Indian Rick, over a bikers bar and all , it was the decision, of the Knytes to strip me of officership , or, become the main XO of the AyreWolvez. AyreWolvez Script Blue which is why I relocated then to Ogden Utah, to be closer to things aviation. See the majority of Utahrds fly. So that being that, and a re-count of votes, of the Knytes, I am not the winning candidate of President of the Knytes, However I have been re-elected to Alpha Wolf status as XO and President of the: AyreWolvez Script Blue. It’s not the first time aviation has bailed my butt out of a tight spot in the flyte of life. I remember the 1st time, after sitting on the flight line at what was then called Bountiful SkyPark Airport, that I conjured up the idea of restoration of military vintage warbirds. With that and the last of the then liquid assets of the Montgomery Trust/Foundation, that Cousin Bud, 4th Cousin Gordon, and I put together both AyreWolf Aviation, and HazzardAyre Aviation Restoration and Repair. The rest as they say is history. The real tree concept here too is that Hazzard County Choppers was not to be a MC Club, but more on the lines of a Aviation Club. However, once the WolfPack was formed, that Hazzard County Choppers was made into a business . I also remember the event over two Corsairs I saw fly over and land at Jerome Idaho’s Airport, and the fact that if it hadn’t been for the WolfPack the Knytes would have disbanded. With that said, your going to see me doing much more on that flight level, in months to come. More-over the rebuild of our half of KTOW into a more Armed Forces Radio specifically for vintage military Aviation buffs. 

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