My Butt hurts, I need a new chair.

In the Cockpit1It was surly a Sunday. Didn’t go to Church like I wanted to, slept way past the go or no go decision, plus I’m still a bit cross at the fact that my Priesthood Quorom never did squat to aid in the relocation. When this kind of thing I remember what Dave Clark a friend of mine said, that the way a Priesthood Quorom or Bishop wants to just tell you to bug off, is they will put their arm around you, and whisper in your ear, ” Trust me son, trust me” . But as it says in scripture forgive them as I have forgave you. More over, when one door closes , another opens. As such it has. Found a shop here, to both serve as a shop, as well as storage for my things. Now I can get to moving things. Including retrieving LexiBelle from Wyoming and getting her here so I can begin the resturation process. More like the resurecction process. That way come this winter I can put money in my pocket, rather than the $20.00 on $100.00 tow calls by working for someone else. I’m following in Jamie Davis’s(Highway thru Hell weather Channel) lead. Jamie , like me believes in vintage but still able Holmes tow rigs. My truck is long paid for. You see all of this reflection came over night, looking at the name American Standard on the rim of yea old toilet. I thought, why am I still busting balls on radio? When the very reason I am on the radio, is being neglected. I thought, maybe its time to center focus on going toewing, and not owing any more, then in time when facilities can be located, go back on air. You see, my world changed in 1978. A few weeks after my Dad died, and after my Birthday that year, My Mom took $5,000.00 from her personal savings account, I took $3,000.00 from my earnings, and over to Twin Falls Idaho, where sat the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Granted I had been admiring her from afar, but here she was about to be mine. I was so proud of that old truck when I drove her home, that I slept in her that very 1st night. That truck took me to my Senior Prom, took me on I can’t count on how many dates, in fact in 1986, on a chilly night, behind the Albertson’s Food Store in Blackfoot Idaho, a young lady named Lexi, and I made love and I officially lost my virginity in that truck. Hence the name Lexi, the Belle part is in a salute to Greg Boyington founder of the VMF214 Black Sheep, that I had the honor of knowing and serving in the later reworked VMA214 BlackSheep. KTOW was built to serve the American Towing Professional , I eat, drink, and dream towing and toewing in LexiBelle ayrescreen Then of course came flying, which was a quirk in itself. See when I signed up for military service, I origianally signed up in the Navy as a Internal Communications Technician, of which there was then(still is) only a few in the entire Navy. Yet it really wasn’t my cup of java. I wanted to work on airplanes. I didn’t want to fly em, I just wanted to fix em. However no openings for that MOS, so, my Navy Recruiter, did some talking to the Marine Recruiter and a aircraft mechanic was me, except in redoing my paper work, somebody screwed the pooch and ultimately left off Mechanic. So off to Pennsicola I went and came out as a pilot, eventually being one of a few and proud rescue SAR Helicopter pilots in all the USMC. But in all of it, the center of my universe, is LexiBelle, followed by the WolfPack/Knytes, followed by PoohBear. After that it don’t mean anything. 

So how was your Sunday?

Until mid morning, L8R Aviators.

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