How about we start a tech company called WolfPress?It’s in the works.

So was sitting here doing my thing trying to wade through the mud of building our website strictly for the WolfPack, and having more problems than a caterpillar with fallen arches. I thought ask the helpers. Right? Why not, they’re supposed to be tech guru geeks. Sorry the minute I picked up a wrench during my senior year at Hazzard,(Hagerman Idaho) High, I took off my nerd lab coat. I know enough tech geek to get by, but my knowledge is very low. Need to take classes as well as how to write computer code. There’s a school, down near where PoohBear lives in Gainsville Florida that teaches Computer skills. Any mile as my efforts progressed, maybe set up a few things and get some geeks involved and start a real expert company on IT, and call it WolfPress. Then

and get real aggressive with it. Staying up to date on things IoS and IT, is a real challenge, just when you think you have it fingered out, Microsoft sends a dreaded update, that never fully downloads or self installs, so as I was recently required to do, had to take the little Laptop to a sort of expert. Same thing happend in January in Twin Falls, then in Jerome, when the Power supply died on Elenor. Its enough to drive you batty. Then the speed of operation, low bandwidths here, don’t matter who or what ISP your with in our parts, its so damn slow, makes a snail look like its going warp speed. So why not do up a IT IoS geek company? Again call it wolfpress1 Okay as I close so I can watch House on TV. Can’t miss Jen Morrison, remember, unlike anything else you can use, spanking the monkey with mayo, isn’t so bad, since after werds , your hand smells like a ham sanwhich. 



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