This day started off and ends crappy.

This day started off like a stinky bum in the face. First sweet PoohBear calls me at 04:30 hours, with some self generated crisis. With that tabled , I sawed back off to slumber, then as I was just getting into gear here, Marci from over in Twin Falls texts me saying they are throwing all my stuff out. Really? $20k of radio gear getting tossed, all because the inability to gather a crew and place to put it. But with that figured out and finally a shop to put it in, I began to relax a bit. Then getting so damn need for feed, yet with as hot as it is out, and me not able to go out in it, I stayed in the AC in both the truck and the Raven, doing auriel application of farm chemicals. 

So then found out, that the money PoohBear sent of only half of normal, why only half? She ain’t hopped a bus for parts in Florida, to go tend to some injured kin folk. I wouldn’t be upset as bad if she’d just tell me what she shorted me and the WolfPack , for. Just tell the damn truth. 

So then, here’s something peaceful, and helps my mind unwind. Last evening so damn hungry I could eat a horse and chase the rider, I headed over to Denny’s, their soups are great. So watching some bumbling idiots in there, I wished really hard that Alex would show up. And sure enough, she did, in her tiny shorts, and cut low halter top, she had my attention. It don’t matter what manure I have been shoveling all day, or how upset I am, when Alex is there, I fully relax and all stress eases, and I have no stress or tension at all. She is something. 

Alexno specs last eve, and with the shorts and all saw tatts, that few if any customers have ever seen. It was fantastic. Wouldn’t take much for that ember to turn into a raging inferno. So the rest of the day today, been wrestling with putting this website which if you don’t know what your doing is a pain. If one does not have>900and>jdand>skoal ringbest not be working things tech. No matter how much $’s you throw at it, nothing sticks. So the website will have to wait a bit.

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