Has America forgot how to be fit and healthy?

Morning aviators and toew jockies . It’s hump day. Wednesday. So I was taking in this new series on PoP TV, called Florida Girls. Did they purposely go out of their way to cast the chubbiest women they could find? These women are FAT. It’s one thing to be large, or have a brew belly, but these women are hefty chubby blubberish. There are lots of folks that knock the Obama’s, yet the former 1st lady was actively involved in getting our youth to eat better and reduce pounds. Yet the Disney Channel amongst others shows episodes of shows that have no other than rather hefty actors and actress’s. Is this the message we need to show our Wolf-Pup’s? The requirement of most schools in my youth all had it, where you HAD to take P.E. or physical Education. I used to dread it at Central Davis Junior High in Layton Utah. Yet Coach Carter, on those long hikes and the 300 laps around a football field, gave me a body. PT was great in the Corps, as it did the same thing. Yet our youth spends at minimum of 80% of their time in front of a Computer keyboard or Smartphone instead of out playing sports. In my youth there was that, plus farm work. We had little in the ways of mechanization. We did most of the work with sweat and blisters on our hands and the muscles in our arms and legs. We busted butt, however we ate well and slept well, as we burned off the stress. Today, people take pills, or go to the hospital to get treated for all kinds of mental maladies, where 70% of that would be cured by a day out on the farm in the field, or in our case PT. In my book, there is little room for boo, whoo whoo. Why be fat? I’m working as hard as I can to reduce my BMI and weight. Both so I can stay flying, but just to be healthy. I have stopped eating ALL Hamburgers. For two reasons. Have you seen the nutrition facts on a BiG MaC ? Plus until they serve Hereford Beef, I flat wont eat burgers. I hate Angus beef. Yet kids and young adults are out there chowing down on gunk, the burger, the fries, the pies and don’t forget the soda pop. All are not good for any BODY. My evening meal consists of, a small bowl of the soup of the day, and a grilled cheese. Ice Tea. That’s it. I don’t need anything more. If I have Breakfast at Denny’s its the starter breakfast for the 55+ menu. I keep portions small, and reduce extra calories. I ain’t talking about being a Super Jock, or male model, I’m just saying just be healthy. My PoohBear, is working on reducing, her belly, and plans are for breast reduction, since those jugs of hers I know is why her back hurts so bad. Her small frame was never meant to haul around such a heavy load. None of us are. 

Last here this morning; On the movie Pets 2, the promo ads, that ran with the prime voices of that movie, as they watched an ad for Progressive Insurance, was the question, ” why does Flo and Jamie wear bakers bibs?” That answer Thursday morning. 

L8R Aviators.

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