Here’s an idea, if ya’ll want to keep the Misquitos out, CLOSE the DANG DOOR!!





So a few ago, PoohBear calls, all in tears over the fact her Mom passed away. A short spew from me , must’ve sounded uncaring. Not so, I care, but seriously what can I do about it? I resurrect aircraft not people. And second when someone ascends to Stovacore, one should not be sad. The sadness is part of our selfishness. We cry because that person is gone for us, not the person who passed on. To me, their pain has ended, their suffering has ceased, their agony is over. Now their spirit, and soul are free. I know when my Mom passed on, everyone was so sad for her and all. Why? In my thoughts I hardly shed a tear, the thing was ;Mom’s battle with COPD, with her aching back, her ailing heart, was done. I guess this is why I’m so firm in my faith, that I know when its all over that Mom, Dad, and I will be together with Stephen, my Step Brother who we lost in Vietnam. I also know that when I ascend to Stovacore to sit at the throne of Kahless, I do not want one tear shed, nor all the BS of people getting up at a podium, telling everyone how great a person I was, how charitable I was, what such a great anything, no. see I know that’s manure. Those same people never drop by to see me, don’t call me on the phone, quite frankly most don’t give a squat. So why front? They ain’t getting any money from me when I go. What there will be left, will go to the Club(s) then my Son Eddy, and then PoohBear. I will be put under, in the fuel tanks of LexiBelle, yes I’m taking her with me.  I want there to be a great big air show coupled with one helluva mc rally. I don’t want one dam person saying nothing that ain’t true. What I want said is simple, That I’m the Idaho Heartbreaker, hell raiser, man of mayhem. Past that, I just wanna go, off into the night, just as I do now. I just want to ascend to Stovacore, glorify with Kahless, Kahless_(painting)And do battle, like the warrior that I am, in truth for me any way today is truthfully a great day to die Klingon-Logo1See ya’ll in the AM.





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