Bow wow wow yippee yaa It’s a wet and soggy day.

WolfPack JournalSo woke up at 05:00 with the dripping of Heavenly water coming down outside. So called Douggy and he says no flying today with the cloud cover and all so you got your day off. So, snagged a lemon fruit pie out of the fridgideezer and some moo juice, then went back to sleep. Had nothing or anyone else to do today, so said piss on it piss on itclimbed back in bed, and continued my slumbering, envisioning Alex, and two of her hot friends, on a ski mountain. Then came the chimes of ye ole compooter. For some odd reason the blooming thing comes on by itself around 03:00 and goes off , unless I boot it up, at 05:00. Must be Col. Boyington from the other realm using the compooter. I swear he channels through me. The Top warrior of the sky ain’t done yet. Then caught a glimpse of some odd unknown friend request on FakeBook Piss On FakeBooksome chink wanting to invade my forest. So being she was instantly discovered to being a troll, I deleted her request. Took another squirt, or thought I was going to just squirt. Turned out the tater soup from last night at Denny’s wanted to promptly exit. So I sat down. Who thinks of the measurements of the seat of the toilet to the floor? The only ones I ever find that are tall enough to make a difference, are at malls. The rest are so short, that Fred and Barney , end up floating, Herman is eye level with the space between the commode and the seat. Meaning, usually piss all over. That is if I sit down. So have been working on graphics for the WolfPack, and updating most if not all our FB and other public forums. Of which Southern X-posure is one that seems to get confused by many. While the name of the Page and as well as the group does come from a Gentlemen’s Bar in South Salt Lake City, that the Knytes have a financial interest in, still that was not what was intended. The idea of Southern X-posure is to expose folks to the real history, of our southern confederacy and its history. Not what a bunch of dead beat children who call themselves Rednecks, tell it. The truth to many things. First the stars and bars were Silver Gray in color, not white. Second the flag everyone is having their monthly over did not come into real use until the mid to late 1950’s, Just like the hussy at Miss Donna’s once said images2 that’s not it. Here is the Sweet Spotcsaflag yet nobody shows that one. Seems as all too many want to make us southerners out to being bumbling idiots. Who sit out on a wooden stool by a cabin on the ole Miss, somewhere. The reality, some of the most intelligent minds, and visionaries come from our Southern states. From CocaCola to Walgreen’s , to Walmart, to Goody’s Powders. Much has came from the southern states. And we as such are extremely loyal to most of those companies Although I could do without Walmart. While there is nothing wrong with being a cotton farmer or any kind of farmer, still that’s not the only exports from the south that there is. So that’s why, the true defenders of all things Southern, The Knytes brother organization of The WolfPack, set up that group and Page, called Southern X-posure. Jugs and Butts rides again along with sweet tose and feet in hose. details later here on the Hazzard County Gazzette.

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