As the moon begins her sweep through its Knyte Flyte.

As the moon makes her sweep across the cosmos and I start getting heavy eye lids, there are things that pass through my mind that I ponder as my body slows down and I enter slumber. Things like do house fliesm3330113 get emotionally attached to people? Seem to, after all , no matter where I go in the apartment here, the little critters follow. Do they experience pain? I mean when you squash em, do they physically feel it? When flies mate maxresdefaultis there some kind of courtship involved? Is there the emotion of love and or romance in that? Or do they just jump on hump, then jump off and fly away? Then there is the concept of that guy out in the locomotive that blasts that blooming horn. Does he really need to sound that trumpet that long or is he just trying to piss me off? Then there’s those odd things, have you noticed that if your doing a task, that’s tedious, that if there is a fan, or a cooler like an air conditioner in the background, the more stressful the task the faster that fan goes? Or if there’s a TV in the background, ever notice that the more stressful your task becomes, that the sound on the TV get’s louder? Of course there’s those concepts that you wonder about. We all know that canines including our 4 legged cousins the Wolf, always smells a female wolf’s hind end to figure out if shes in mating season as well as for identification. However if we as humans did that Smelly Bumfirst what would we smell for? And second if your to that point, some serious reduction in communication has occured . Of course there are other parts of the human anatomy that is one that I have been putting serious scientific study into. Like feet. We know from science, that a woman’s feet don’t smell, or smell as atrocious as a mans. Due to PH levels. sweet hufffrom my studies of the condition of the situation, that the only really slightly off scents involved are worn leather, and sometimes baby powder. Past that for the most part they don’t smell. Of course women do, fart. Monkee always said women don’t fart they fluff, and yes they can be vicious. These are the things I think about. 

Now since I need to drift off to that slumber land to be fully charged for Friday’s expose in Twin Falls. I bid you all a good night. 

WolfTail 1

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