WhooRay for Delbert C Dickweed and Morter Masnerd. (And) Many copies only one original and that’s us.

AYREWOLFBLOGHEADERI have said once and I’ll say it again, if your looking to get screwed over good, find yourself at a LDS Church, bend over, lube up real good and get it in the six. First for Delbert C Dickweed. Who we rented a shop from. Supposed to be an ex sailor. Really? Says rent on the joint was $650.00 yet once he found it was the WolfPack renting it, he decides to jack the rent to $800.00, and at that we have to foot the power bill. So he got his key back and he can suck wind. But hey there’s more: Our Priesthood President here of a Ward I’m soon going to get out of, as this Ward reminds me of the Wendell Idaho Ward I was in , and outside of a small few was about as friendly as a black widow towards a fruit fly. maxresdefault, So Our Priesthood President says yea I’ll help you move your stuff and the truck. Be over there on Friday. Okay fine. So I get all tached up about that only to find, the blooming Bishop here says nope only things so I can survive. How about giving me back the tools I need to make a darn living? Isn’t that what Church charity is for? To help you get your own plow, to plow and tend to your own field so you can make your own resources? Not to need to be dependent on a Church Ward, or having to nurse off the hind teat of the Ward all the time. Dang it I’m busting my hump to get out of and off of public charity and all rolls. See that’s why of many reasons, I loved and still do, Mark, my Bishop in Evanston. Although he needed to pray about it, the Ward cut a check for near $2k, then recruited an old squid, from the ward to truck down to Woods Cross Utah, box and bundle up the radio gear, and haul it back to Evanston. Reason? Mark considered that with the radio gear and all, I could make my own money, and although it took almost 2 years to do it, just before I moved from Evanston, due to some BS with Etown and PoohBear, KTOW/KSOA and HazzardAyre AyreWolfFM aka WolfPackFM, Started to make some money. Evanston supported the station, because ours was the only one that was not biased and kicked butt, more over we became the only community station there. Still could if I forced the issue, since our license there is still good. But Mark saw a need and helped. Not just patronizing someone to keep them dependent on the Church and/or a Ward. We had a shop, we had the station, everything I and the AC(Air-Club) and all had everything in one place. I had friends, and purtty decent place to reside. Dang I was stupid, should have taken Mark’s suggestion, and stayed put, let the $200.00 deposit go that I put on the place in Wendell . But hindsight is always much clearer than foresight. So with running out of human resources, I called Kathleen. I truly love her and Steve and whole family. I didn’t want to bother them with this, but I’d rather have a little Discomfort than loose $20k of radio gear, my mini truck and furniture. So I called and except for some unforeseen circumstances the move is on, at 11:00 to 14:00 hours Saturday tomarrow . The squid that ripped me off for $650.00 better pay it back, or he’s going to see Davy Jones’s locker a lot sooner than he planned. But like I have always said. Don’t trust a Yankee.

L8R Taters. 

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