Are you sure it’s Mexican Food? Might be Fry Bread.

Well, it’s Saturday any way. I did something last evening that might have muddied the water at Smith’s Food & Drug here in Burley. See the problem is that my General Practioner Doctor is way over in Jerome, and being without hours to go over there have missed a few appointments. So getting refills on prescriptions is a real bytch. So the Doctor calls in a Prescription to Smith’s but not Burley’s Smith’s. Nope to Twin Falls’ Smith’s. I said something to the sort of; must have been a problem in translation since Jerome, Idaho. Is Mini Tijuana . Well wouldn’t ya’ll know a younger taco working in the drug department overheard that and gave me a stern look. But then I gots to thinking. If you see a slightly dark skin person, do you know, without them speaking if they’re Mexican, or Native American. Sometimes its hard to tell. Considering they cross breed, but still its called open mouth in my case insert foot lap it up 3. But I’ve done that many times. Once asking a heavy set gal, when she was expecting her new born? Then back when I was living in Centerville Utah, this gal I was sorta courting at the time, said she had been to the hair salon. Stupidly I asked, ” What did they do?” Needless to say that was a one time date. Guy’s just sometimes get it wrong. We are thinking male, when deploying some estrogen might be a better plan. Any mile , I need my sleep.