you read it here first, I may never step inside a Church-of-Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints meeting house again.


I want ya’ll to know now, that after this last week, I may never step inside an LDS church meeting house again. I’ve been  pondering the all night into morning. While my testimony of what I’ve been taught as well as what I know is as strong as it has ever been. I have seen miracles and blessings, that being said, like many things, it’s not the Church itself, but the people involved in running it. I do not agree with some of the policies and decisions that have been made locally, I’m not convinced that Russell Nelson is a true prophet of God, and I am of the thought pattern that all too much of our denomination has become corrupt, and too much of the concept of power. They say jump, and the entire band of sheep say how high? As for me, I’m not sucking peter, nor kissing ass of no mortal man. God and Jesus, of course, but as Charlie Daniels said it once in one of his songs, the the preacher man says Jesus walked on water, and I know it’s true, but I think way too many Bishops want to do some walking too. I remember all too well the news articles of abused children in the idea of counseling. A bit too much counseling here I think. So if I seem bitter, I am, I rather despise the concept of a Priesthood President saying one thing and then changing horses in the middle of the stream. Of many LDS Church Wards I have been in, I can count 4, that really cared about people. The 11th Ward in Layton Utah that I attended as a child, The Uinta View Ward in Evanston Wyoming, the Jerome 2nd Ward, Jerome Idaho, and the 14th Ward of Twin Falls Idaho. The rest have made my spirit feel empty, and my emotions feeling like the bottom of a bird cage. So for now, I worship from home.

L8R Aviators.


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