Have you ever just sat and pondered?




Have you ever just sat on a stool chewing your cud, and just pondered? Like; these online dating, matchmaking sites ya’ll see advertised on overnight and retro tv networks, there are all those hotties on there saying their all alone , Bullsbreath. If they’re all alone and look that good, their either a real bytch, or high maintience , or both. Or that on most TV shows, it seldom shows the stars having to go drain the main vein. Nobody on the starship Enterprise, ever has to go poop or pee. Why? And does the Enterprise have humungious holding tanks? Or when women twist up their hair in a bun, does that hurt and give em a headache? Or that on FakeBook, that it’s the most fugdugly women, who never post a profile photo, that really is them? Have you ever been in the latrine watching your better half apply make up? All that primping , clipping , creaming and all. Takes a hour, yet, if there is a occassion to do so, they can unclip their bra, and pull it through their shirt sleeve. Yet it can take an hour for us guys to finger out how to unclip it. Do most girls and women just instinctively know how to put on Pantyhose or tights? I remember one year When I went to YMCA Camp. We all had this campfire sit around and some did improv acts. At the time my vocal chords and all were of a soprano level, to where I could near right exact imitate Geraldine Jones aka comic Flip Wilson’s female character hqdefault. So I dressed up with high heel boots a tight halter top and shorts, and yet a lady nurse up at camp said my legs were too white. So she gave me a spare pair of her pantyhose to put on. Here I am, a 14 year old boy, no sisters, no instruction. Hey I liked nylons on legs even back then, but I had never seen how to put em on. There is no instructions on that package that says how to put em on, and it took me darn near 6 hours trying to put those things on. Needless to say my performance that evening was a thrill, but do women just know? Or do mothers teach that skill? I suppose its like us guy’s. As we grow older and our sacks start to gravitate, they , because of sweat, and all start to stick to your leg. So as we say, time to reorganize the furniture. Yet women think as PoohBear did once that your chocking the chicken. Here lately that’s becoming a real problem. Seems the ah equipment is gravitating more and I keep sitting on the two fellas behind my zipper when I get in or out of the truck, or Helo. Yes it does hurt. 

tale of 2 pappysThis is the fact of the tale of two(2) Pappy’s. Myself ; Col. Montgomery and Col. Boyington. Greg Boyington, was born in a small lumber town called St. Mary’s Idaho. I was born in a small farming town called Jerome, Idaho. Greg gained attrition to the United States Marine Corps, and eventually formed what is known as the VMF/214 BlackSheep. I joined the Marine Corps in 1977 and eventually formed up with the VMA/214 BlackSheep. As with Greg, I am the oldest one of our squadron, like wise the Alpha wolf of the WolfPack.. People started calling both of us GrandPa or Grand Pappy, after awhile the nick-name was shortened to Pappy. I am not able to fill the boots of Greg, however I do follow in his footsteps, and apply his command style in everything I do. 




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