The Sun goes Down, the sirens scream, its overnight with the Wolvez.

wolfpack colonels journal iconSo went to bed at 19:00 Hours, since nothing was on TV, and had nothing to do until 09:00 this morning. After calming PoohBear from one of her emotional spasms. Then got noise of one of our own passing away, so making arrangements to head for Redding CA in the morning for that. It’s estimated that we are loosing men and Veterans of both great wars at a rate of nearly 2 per week. It might be more than that. So both the Knytes and WolfPack are doing a ride to the funeral which will happen at 18:00 Wednesday. So gave Marci a text, she understood, and its radio gear rescue Saturday at 11:00 hours. So then settled back down and kept seeing visions of one of my new neighbors in my head. I’m sorry. Yes I’m 110% devoted to PoohBear, but this gal whom looks way to classy and sassy with the chassis, has that just purrfect eye candy. Now just need to figure out how to approach that for the WolfPack’s TV ad. So then my computer alarm goes off, reminding me its medicine time. So I crawl out of bed, shiver to the liver to my pill desk,, and one by one , pill by pill, topped off with two Goody’s Powders, and then got the need for Skoal. So go out the River Corner , but once again, no Skoal in my flavor. So went to Maverick, as I should have done in the first place. Lady out at the Corner says they didn’t get a shipment yet. Really? My thought is; if the old bat who runs the place can’t get it together better than that, sell it to someone who can. So then rolled home here. Watched the tail of one of the NCIS LA, episodes. Who is the mousy red head on there? She’s kinda cute, and well endowed. e166ff1377483047_ncisla_cast_reneefsmith Was going to call Kathleen to arrange for her boys to help with the radio gear rescue, come Saturday, but figured that she was in bed, so here I am. 

personal fly byNow this>lap it off yipee 2< I could do all day, or at least I think I could. However there’s a few of my fellow squadron members here that say I couldn’t. There has been many an attempt to prove that . From Erin IJUSTLOVETOEWS

and her amazing webbed toes>rockin toes< to others, yet by the time an event like the fairs or some such rolls around, the feminintile foot models are never around, or didn’t want to finish the task. The idea started with a gal I knew from Buhl, Idaho. She said to get my fill of the thrill, I should smooch footsy’s >

until I gagged. Then my business brain started to drain, shortly after Nurse GreatBody, came to work for us. I thought, since there isn’t a world record of how long a man could kiss a woman’s toes in nylon hose, that perhaps we should, rather I be the one, to set that record. Reasons that never happened are many. Thing is that what we call the Toew-Smooch, has become a off handed trademark, of both Highway Hooker and Heavy Rescue Toewing ,Rebel Rescue as in:>WE LUV TOEW

Meaning this kind of tow>Big Bruizermy LexiBelle< Not this kind of toe>kiss me honey toes< That said it was one of my interns at our studio in Gooding Idaho Emme that said put the two words together TOE and TOW and you have TOEW. And the rest as they say is history. 

So that’s my day. More this afternoon,

L8R Aviators and taters.

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