Heavy Rescue after dark.

hrj after dark1Have you ever considered what things would be like, if? Like, if your face didn’t have a nose? What would your face look like? Doing research on this subject, as a concept, of forgoing my critique of women’s noses, from life and TV. Jennifer Morrison Jennifer_Morrisonhas a very flirty tiny nose. Likewise , actress Kerri Russell >curlyhairandkerirussell05< but then there are some that are on TV especially news anchors like Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, >andreamitchell_portrait-pr-approved-752x749< well let’s just say, I wonder how many BJ’s she’s had to give to keep her job? I’m more critical of such things. As both a casting director for ads and such for the Knytes, to just normal observation. I’m usually only into the feet and toes>

However these days, its also including for, photographic noses as well. It’s just something you do in our industry. It may not be fair, but fairs are just something you go to in the fall, not a way of life. So just what would we look like without a nose? The World may never know, however further research by Hazzard County University is working on the idea. Now that said, I’ve been watching the ramp up promos for the rebooted BV 90210. Garth still looks hot as ever, the last series I saw her in was Punky Brewster. However Tori Spelling has started to show her age. With all that, what would it be like if: Malibu Shores, or Felicity was rebooted? Those are two shows I’d watch. I really loved Malibu Shores. Also a Kerri Russell > PM79TH kerirussell11< However there is the ultimate hottie that made the cut for the reworked Daisy Duke, in the Dukes-of-Hazzard The Beginnings, April Scott > 007TDH_April_Scott_032

Which brings me to this topic : The Knytes-of-Dixie, The Iron Knytes as well as the WolfPack are working on rebooting the Dukes-of-Hazzard, in a form that might just be pallatable for the mass public. The film will be shot primarily around Strevelle Idaho, and be titled: The Hazzard County Knytes. CLUB MINI 1which will include the formation of HazzardAyre Radio >HazzardAyre Radio logo and yes we are casting. Can we find another April Scott>007TDH_April_Scott_032< or a Catherine Bach aka Daisy>51SVzn3NcAL< but we are looking. Stay Tuned

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