After Dark 3

Dang it I not only want, but need my Cheerios. Melody , ate the last bowl, in the box before she headed off to work, so now I gotta wait until 07:00 to go fetch some from the store. Melody came into my picture strictly by coincidence. She’s seeing some Taco next door here, yet, when there’s a shoulder to cry on, guess whose she comes to? What is cool about Melody is she likes everything I like. I can talk to her about anything, and not feel strange bringing up topics that would normally would be reserved for a pilots ready room. I can flirt with her and she flirts back. She knows how to drive, ya’ll ought to see her Camaro , she plays the Chello, she sings and is into both journalism, broadcasting and Webcasting. She also is into recording music. Now normally , because of PoohBear number 1, and the fact that Melody is involved also, I would not be playing with that fire, but in this case I can’t help it. This could turn out not too shabby. If nothing else , I’ll get one hot looking co-pilot for this radio gig of mine. 

Did you see Pearson earlier tonight on USA? The show started off good. However its becoming boring as heck without much of a plot line. Then of corse there is the curse of USA-TV network. Miz & Mrs. Is about the dumbest TV show I have ever seen, and that Chrisley Knows best, if you didn’t know any better you’d swear Todd, would divorce the old lady, and their kids file charges for verbal abuse. My big question is, if Hollywood is that starved for creativity, maybe its time we jumped back in the making films thing. Which is why I’m strongly courting Melody. See if I can get her involved , obtaining talent and such wont be that much of a chore. Oh and talking media. Now that Viacom and CBS got back into bed together, do you think, that more local cable systems will put those networks, like MTV, CMT, the Cartoon Network, and such back into their channel line up? 

PoohBear said something earlier tonight that really bothers me, and it makes me scratch my brain. As you know SSGT, of the original VMF/214 passed away Saturday night of none Hodgkins Lympfoma. So our WolfPack has been working on going to the Funeral, it was set for Friday, but rescheduled for Monday. So I asked PoohBear >PoohBear< about the funeral for her Mom who just passed away, PoohBear is taking that all kinda lightly. While as for myself, both 12101345_112978318395when My Dad as well as my Mom passed away, while we partied to celebrate their lives, and not be all tears over OUR loss. Still I cared and we did do a big thing. Anybody who looses someone, like a parent, and doesn’t get a little choked up, in my case is similar to Commander Data star_trek_the_next_generation.lt_commander_datavoid of any feelings. Even Spock shed a tear once in awhile. But not PoohBear. Was her Childhood that bad? Must have been. Like I said there’s a reassessment of the condition. 

Much to do today, so I’m headed for bed. 

L8R Aviators


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