Overnight long haul trucker style radio. The greats and us who keep the wheels turning so you can be earning.

THIS SITEThe year was 1974, a few kids who grooved on ye ole CB, and had Dad’s rolling on 18 wheels, gathered together and formed an original 4-H Club, Young Truckers organization, called the TeenAge Truckers Association. That organization turned into what you know today as the IKA Wyngz1 one of the big projects of the TTA was the creation of a one of, at least in the Mountain West, over the road truckers radio station. KDSL FM 89.1 went on the air from West-Point Idaho in 1976. We were following in some really large boot womens-militia-bootsprints. From Bill Mack in Texas, to Joc TRucker Radio in New Mexico, the big thing was delivering news, weather, road conditions, and entertainment to those who deliver to and for America, the American Trucker. From The Truckin Bozo, to Charlie Douglas’s RoadGang to eventually Dave Nemo. 50,000 watt clear channel radio stations were all over the nation. Trouble was here in mountanious Idaho, Oregon, etc you couldn’t hear these shows very well, if at all. Plus they were only on air from Midnight to around 05:30. If something happened that the truckers needed to know about here, by the time most of these networks picked it up, their program’s were already over. So our little band of high gear pimple faced young haulers got together, and put together a small 100 watt station. Aimed it to the Interstate and mainly to Bliss Idaho, where most of the truckers stopped. To fill the 24/7 operation with content, we did something wyld, we created the first radio shows aimed at my style of trucking, that being, towing. So I looked up on Google, for Joc Trucker Radio, as usual, it was pre-Interweb, pre Google, so no listing . Same thing usually happens if you look up the Independent Truckers Association which was way before OOIDA, and much more than an insurance company. Then I looked up Bill Mack’s show the Midnight Trucker Network. Again hardly if anything at all. Drivers would call in, do some chattering with the hosts who knew truckers and trucking. Very few of the youth aimed millenials of today remember those days, much of the pride of rolling a rig down the Interstate, for most , it’s a job. For many of the rest of us trucking, and inhailing diesel smoke is a way of life. The sounds of a Jake brake roaring down a hill or slowing coming into town is music to my ears, not just noise. Funny , railroad locomotives can blast that frigging horn for several miles, and no one says nothing, hear a Jake rattle, and Smokey is on somebody’s butt. While the radio gig for me , was cool and all , I never really got serious about it until one damn cold, freezing, snowy night sitting in a Church parking lot the other side of Dubois Idaho, and could not tune into any trucker shows. Truck had blown the diaphram of the injector pump, 85 head of fat Herefords in the trailer, then I heard LDS Conference, on KSL. At the time I thought lets kick this trucker radio thing in the butt. Also at the time was a show based out of Indy, called Interstate Trucker Radio Network, or ITRN for short. As it would happen it was near 1992 or so, I had been hanging around with Tony Pistone, and his son Tommy, who is an active member of the Knytes. So I was out cruising to work off a mad, and heard a tiny station in Price Utah KOAL AM that was running ITRN. The original Dixie Diesel Shop(ours) had just barely opened in Pocatello Idaho, and we were constructing one near Murray Utah. So I thought lets advertise there. Come to find out that ITRN was up for sale, so the Knytes bought the network, and ITRN became the Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio Network, and of course Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, long haul trucker radio done Hazzard County style. The rest as they say is history. It’s just a shame that no one has cataloged these shows and networks, but dear old KTOW FM/KDXD AM, is keeping it trucking and towing. At least on the radio, both online, as well as over the air. 

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