Having a bad hair day, and its only Tuesday.

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Just shut up, I’m having a bad hair day. Although I don’t have much snow and protein filliments on my head the hair is growing out from both sides. bad hair day 2My dad used to use this stuff > vo 5 It kept his hair in check. No one on Earth that I know of was such a perfectionist when it came to his appearence , dad would comb, brush, snip and clip. May be it’d work for me, as soon as I catch some $’s from Uncle Charlie, I’m going to buy some. I didn’t do much Tuesday. Shortly around 13:00 I got so damn dizzy I couldn’t hardly stand up, or walk much, and my vision, was very blurry. So I downed some peaches from a can and some moo-juice, and I was okay, but as tired as I was in overhauling a Deere-Detroit for a 9800 JD Track Tractor, over the weekend, I came home put my feet up, didn’t care that I was being invaded by house flies, and went to sleep. So visited with Melody this morning, she was being her normal cheery self, but I know she’s hiding some serious pain. I know too if I dive into that , I know where it would lead too, but I’m not messing around on my PoohBear. So , I’m just drifting in orbit, there to help if requested , but not prying into that situation. Hell I’ve got enough problems on my own. 

Problems like, now that I’m Executive Commander aka the Alpha Wolf of the WolfPack, I have a responsibilty to all the 150,000 members of the WolfPack, as well as their affairs and families. It is my duty to them as well as to all Marine and Navy aviators, discharged or still on active duty. If you think that’s an easy duty, I’ll buy you 2 root beers. It’s not just recruiting hot women to pose with vintage military warbird aircraft, or organizing air(ayre) Shows. It’s helping with Government affairs and benefits these guys and gals deserve for tieing on an aircraft and flying into danger in defense of this nation. It means kissing the rings of politicians, to get past VA and DoD backloads, it’s dealing with insurance companies, banks, creditors. Add to that keeping my own situation under control plus finding time to get seat hours in our choice warbird helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. So you want my job? Most could not handle it. 

L8R Aviators.


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