Star Lyte Report.

STARLYTE REPORT1It’s official. Lion Pictures of Hollywood, is rebooting the ancient film Dirty Dancing. Reports say casting to begin in February, as script should be finished in December, and teleplay done mid January. This should be interesting. Can we duplicate the mind freedom of the mid 70’s/80’s today? I hardly doubt it, with so much of our nations population divided and terrorized few if anyone dares to pull their heads out their butts.

This deed is much more difficult than you might think. This condition, in its infancy is based on the theory that American Man and especially Woman kind, will be wiped out in just a few years. That few if anyone will be around to appreciate anything new. There are fears that the American Government is about to, if not already starting to collapse that no one wants to raise their hands and say , Hello its me. Can I help. The WolfPack does much more than you think, and does things so covertly that no one has a clue. However much of it can’t be uncovered to the masses. Reason? 

Prime Directive

This means, as we work to improve the populus, theory says that as the tower of Babble was created, not simply as a biblical story, but as a path to a more advanced, open minded society. More towards Anarchy

Which is what is needed to evolve the planets human species. If we don’t we’ll be lost as a species. 

Until l8r

Your AyreWolf saying 10-10 on the side.

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