I gave only 30 more days, shyt has to improve or I’m groovin on the movin.

Okay, to quote Little  Enos Burdette, from Smokey & The Bandit 2, ” This bullshit has to stop ” The conditions here at the Evergreen of Burley are really getting bad. It’s went from bad to worse. Years ago it tweren’t bad, but lately its deterating to the point its getting unlivable. First when I squaked about the dang soda machine suckin the $1.50 for a soda, but not kicking out the soda, that pissed me off. The getting pissed was due, to for some odd reason, equipment, ripping down a apple tree, that not only produced fruit, but provided some shade in the afternoons. Add to that snail speed Internet, half ass’d cable TV, a bathtub , that is virtually unusable, drain wont work right, plus you attempt to adjust the valve so you don’t burn your butt off, if I’m paying for a bath tub , I want a bathtub. Not just a shower. Add to that a gravel parking lot, ancient plumbing that made two of us sick, well you get the point. So I gave in 30 days, long enough to gather my gear together and make arrangements in Etown Wyoming. Now its not just the Evergreen. I thought sure as hell, that there would be at least one inexpensive office space for rent here, and at least a shop. I had a shop in line, except the prick that owned it wanted $750.00 for the damn thing. It don’t have no heat, no toilet, no insulation, bullsbreath, but like a trusting soul, I raked out $650.00 with promise of the rest of the $100.00 in a week. Of course while I had cash, paid the rent here at the Evergreen, reluctanly, and wouldn’t have had I knew the prick with the shop was going to bamboozle me, by jacking the rent, on it, then not even giving back the deposit. Horse stuff. Same situation, although I have heard, many noises from others that say , there needs to be a good radio station here, yet try as we might, can’t find nothing with enough room or a low enough rent rate. Thought we had one over here at Mountain West Realty of Burley, bastard there kept me waiting for a month, when I said its time to crap or get off the pot, he decided not. I read a thing from associate Zeb Bell, this evening , of everyone should pull their own weight. I agree, but there are those of us that would if we could, yet there is no hand up. I’m not saying Hand out, but a hand up. Let me shed a quick note here on this situation. In 2012, the Knytes and the WolfPack, were poised and ready to buy out KBAR AM 1230 here. We struck a deal with CEO Kim Lee, on the purchase price and it was just dotting I’s and crossing T’s. When it came down to the line, Kim calls me and says , he no longer wanted to sell the station. At that point any former friendship or loyalty to the guy, plus any respect flew right out the outhouse window. So we have been gearing up to get another station up here, as a both a CP and an allocation for License by the FCC, has opened up, and we are filing for it. Pending that KDXC or KAY-DIX-CEE will go on the air. But getting the hand up instead of hand out as Zeb was writing about. It was he, Gina and two others for some reason that protested the sale. Now that asside and the shop. Since we have been here the last 2-1/2 years we have busted butt trying to find lady on airs, as well as cover girls to publicize the upcoming station as well as HCC. hcc logo 1 I don’t know how much money the Knytes and I have spent, on recruitment ads on Facebook, and trade publications, but I might as well have poured gas on the money and threw a match to it. Nobody wants to get off their lazy , Social Security , welfare butts , and make a couple of grand for a days photo, or video session. More over , $30.00 an hour to be on LIVE radio. So what the pee-pickin, reason am I here? The new hire here has perked me up very well. TJ, has the looks and attitude, and as far as lower limbs she has the legs and feet/toes to satisfy that requirement. In fact, outside of Ice Queen >ice queen 3< it was her legs in that sun dress and those fury boots that got my attention. Although not wearing nylons, I thought she was, and was going to test the theory, but with her south of the border guy pal there thought not, but wanted to. Now then the whole complex thought and to some degree so did my PoohBear >PoohBear< which isn’t it. Sure its cool to have lady friends, without having a hard on for her.  It’s like I told PoohBear earlier when she called. If I need a piece of strange that bad , $400.00 and a tank of fuel and Miss Donna’s or the Sugar Shack in Wells Nevada takes care of that. What I’m into the most is making a ass kicking

aL82r7x_700bass kicker Southern s-l640csaflagRadio station on the air making killer green. Speaking of here is Miss WolfPack FM for 2020, TJ > Angel Dust< all we need do now is find Miss Hazzard County images and we’ll be set, but there needs to be it happens quick, if it don’t then come October 1st the AyreCrew and I are outta here. Oh and as I part. You know how so many people claim they are for Veterans? I have heard Zeb Bell and that jerk at Mountain West Realty say that a lot. Yet when its a group of Marine aviators trying to build a radio station they only give lip.  Bottom line I’ve had it..

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