Last day of rest and putting TJ to the test.


AFTERNOON E BREEFSIt’s Afternoon turning into Evening, Thought I’d better get this out, as need to find my bed purtty soon, big day flying Tuesday. Our helo’s ran two folks to two different hospitals today, one at St. Lukes, the other one to the U, in Salt Lake City. Didn’t spread crap on two fields as I wanted to as it was just a bit too windy. TJ is being a bit slow on the get it in gear department. Not surprising since, she had the flu over the weekend, and the fact that she wants to turtle the relationship a bit. Which I agree. See with it all, TJ has my soul, LexiBelle>LexiBelle In Wyngz1has my heart and PoohBearpoohbear fat has my body, except long before she gets my body we need to call telephone-2817221_960_720the doctor and get PoohBear on a diet and treadmill . 

Now with all that said; It’s not a big wonder why honeys and TJ don’t show up here at the Evergreen for interviews. Take Alex Alex for instance; we talk at Denny’s she’s all in, yet don’t even take the time to add us on her FB page, return a phone call or a text. If someone says their in and ready to do battle in the war in the media war, then at least be dedicated and committed to it, or just call me on the phone and say they are no longer interested in being a soldier in our media war. And it is a war. Both Radio and TV are changing rapidly. Our over the air stations are dieing , while on demand , 24 hour webcast media or as its called Digital media , is increasing in popularity. There is a huge difference between the tons of podcasters and podcasts, out there and a online webcasting radio station, there was 3, now only two in the entire nation. Us, and a OwowCleavland ow wow

We are the better,(I think) than the other, because; A we are LIVE 24/7. No audomation. OUTLAW RADIO POSTEREssentially putting personality in a digital footprint radio station. In 2001 after scouring the files of suitable call letters for our Utah station, I found this tiny little outfit called>wolffm

Now the guy who created this is Steve Wolf, he lived in a 3rd floor apartment in Nashville Tennessee. Blind and in a wheel chair. After I saw that, and all I figured hey, if a near blind, near deaf guy in a wheelchair can do this then certainly,  we can do this; so fast forward to 2005 and AyreWolfFM was on the cyber air. Problem was and to a degree still few around these parts , knows how to build a streaming website. They just flat do not know how. Getting back to the reluctance of some of the feminintiles around here. See coming to a motel room to interview for a job, for a group, comprised of Marine aviators, Rural Confederate Gear Heads and bikers, as well as Truckers, is a tough thing to convince all these Victorian stuck up, stubborn as a mule women to take this serious. Granted in our early days in Hazzard-aka-Hagerman, Idaho. We did have gals and guys in the station, but back then there tweren’t all these honeys scared of their own shadows. It takes women, who have a really, radical, rebel , devilish attitude, to do this career opening task. I have had only had, 3 that have been worth the effort. Robin Whittaker formerly of Rupert, Idaho. Which few since can match her abilities, and dedication. That was back in 1992 going into 1993. After that there was Nurse GoodBody,


Erin, we called her Nurse GoodBody, because she was a head shrink nurse, and she had the looks of Gunella from HeeHaw aka Nurse GOOD-BODY>


Who captured my attention long before Daisy Duke.


With that said, there has been the mindset, that until there was a real crew on board again like we had in Tooele, Utah, why go to the expense of a formal office. If we got to run the dang thing ourselves might as well have it in where we live. I learned the difficult way that ain’t such a good thing. In Evanston, when Cody, was working for us (and even then PoohBear was throwing a fit over her,) She’d come in, do her shift, and go home. I was fully at ease sleeping in my room, or as it happened one day, she came in whilest I was on the pooper. Didn’t flinch one bit. Either of us. But I knew that having people parading through where I slept was not a great idea. After I moved to Wendell, Idaho. Athyna came to work for us(yes PoohBear Chased her off) – {is it any wonder I’m chasing a new} Athyna was and is a gal that did as asked, worked her butt off, and started to make a difference. Ah what could have been. And now we have TJ, (yes; PoohBear is bitchin about her too) thing is with TJ I don’t have any romantic, he-she lets get hitched feelings. Its a sister friendship, and business. I want to get making serious green in my jeans. I need to be on the air for my constituants and audience. HazzardAyre Radio and all its parts has lost a lot of cred and popularity. That needs to be built back up. That’s going to take a studio, office and all to make that happen. With, or without PoohBear. She’s getting old and way to possesive. Any way back to engine pulling. 




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