Welcome To Hazzard County Part 2, this weekend, and; Ever wonder why Utah has an active Film Commission and Idaho doesn’t?

Morning my fellow WolfPack members. Still haven’t heard diddly from, TJ, maybe that was or is another talent mirage like all too many here in Idaho. For some reason, the void between the Minidoka/Cassia County line and the Elmore/Ada County Line is growing ever wider. With that the immediate area, is absent willing media talent of all kinds. From simple models, to full ability actress’s/actors. It just don’t exist here. The few that do are few and far between. Which flows into the crap or get off the pot ultimatum that I sent TJ this morning. If she wants to jump in our pond fine, get at it. If not, stay on the shore where its safe. It also relates to my main topic. And an extension of prior happenings, that caused the exit from Idaho in 2013. Same thing, different day and time then as now. Busted my ass to bring sweet hiney’s into the Wolf’s Den to do military aviator radio Hazzard County style, but couldn’t find diddly. Then moved to metro Utah, eventually in a office studio, at the I4 Solutions Building in Woods Cross Utah. Guess what? We were able to start wheels moving in the right direction. Then of course what was a radio station in Evanston Wyoming went silent, and we came in and revived it. Albeit a bit more spicier. But it took moving away from here in Idaho to see success in anything of the arts. Which brings me inline with the topic. Have you ever wondered, why few if any films, TV series’ or anything of the sort happens in Idaho? Where as, Utah has a working, and working well film commission and thespian community. If your making a film, or building a Super media station, you can find both human as well as other resources, in and around Salt Lake City, might be why the op, we had in Tooele Utah,  ran like a that gold watch of Boss Hogg’s rather than a Timex that gave up ticking after the licking and kicking. From the Sundance Film Fest in Park City, to the Downtown Thespian Celebration in Provo Utah. The acting/performance arts are alive. Yet, Idaho? Yea right. What’s that mean? I made the decision that because of that, and the fact there is a much more serious aviation community in metro Utah, it might be time to gracefully exit, Tragic Valley Idaho, and re-enter Wyoming/Utah. 

This condition situation, is why I didn’t do a long term lease rent fancy apartment or house here in Burley. Now I know for dang sure THERE Are places to not only plant our seeds of radio and furtilize em , but they do not want us here to do that. After all they do not want a Marine Corps Combat Aviation Squadron/Motorcycle Club setting up shop in Burley, Idaho. Which might be why our parent Club SAMCRO MC never set a full charter in Idaho, but as this illustration shows>sOa cHARTERSSAMCRO did set up a full grown Charter in SLC Utah. Of which this mediocure charter in Idaho is part of as well as the one in Evanston, Wyoming. But not full blown Charters. But its why I set up camp for a few months here at the Evergreen, to screen this area to see if it all could be done here again. The truth? No it can’t at least, not for us. So it’s the 30 day shake out, finish anything we have going up, including if it happens at all, with TJ, but I have a feeling she’s too busy messing around with MexiCali guys and building her house. Too bad, but I have no patience. Loosing $12k a day is killing me and hurting the Club.

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