Way of The Wolf , Part 1

Hold on Gotta pee first.Hold on gotta pee

Page-1-Dang this has been a very long day. Woke up at 11:00 hours, to the sounds of a jackhammer outside my walls. Apparently somebody stuck too much asswipe down the toilet and plugged up the sewage drain. But they got that fixed, so am okay to hit the latrine. Didn’t hear at all from  TJ all day today which makes me scratch my crainium and ask,wuzz up with thatSo went out to search 20264626_10155709180669274_5424025546140260412_nfor her, without any results. So went unconscience. for a bit,  one of the WolfPack stopped in, saw what had happened, and ran me to the hospital in Twin on one of our byrds. Got there, Doctor said CaT scan, so in the can I went. Since they couldn’t see anything, they have me overnight, to do tests, in the AM. I love this hospital, I have a chosen crew of medical assistants, that tend to my every whim. And I do mean EVERY, WHIM , even that since you obviously were wondering. So I’m here overnight with my Acer LaPtOp and so it is.  Two great things, made the deal on my Cougar,

Which will go by the handle of the Reaper. Obviously a tribute to the crew of SOA, and honoring our parent organization SAMCRO MC. Well its almost snack time, catch ya’ll on the bounce around.