tUESday night is Premier night, problem is due to stuck up types in our area we won’t be there , but we’re getting some traction to our action.

tUesday Night is Premier night, at least of us who love to look and feel the highway on two wheels. Yep, the Mayans will premier on FX at 23:00 hours. Unfortunately we wont be on the TV in ad’s for KTOW FM like we here at SAMCRO MC had planned. Just could not find one honey for money, to drag her butt over a Harley in tight leather, and do a voice over for the ad. Thought we had someone in TJ, but when she’ll be in it, is anyone’s guess. So as we have so many times needed to do, a call next week to TMG or Urban, talent in Utah, and we’ll get an ad tweaked out, for both Comcast Cable as well as on SparkLight here in Idaho. Our little sistertilisha2 who commands the Ice Queen is apparently having troubles with or about her XSO(ex Sig Other) and is preoccupied with that, so its a toss your hat in the air as to when she’ll be fully involved. Thing is for KTOW I need a few second chairs here. Let me give you an example; two years ago winter, snow and I mean capitol SNOW near Evanston Wyoming. I’m on the air on our family affilliate KSOA AM 1240 there. Tow call comes in. Well couldn’t just shut down the station, so I’d have to pray that my make shift automation worked. What would have been good would it’d have been to have a hot southern Belle honey sitting second seat there, that could slide over and take command of the radio show/station, whilest I went on tow calls. PoohBear chased all but one off, thinking there was something kinky going on. Yet I never was able to train anyone in the ways of the Wolvez or the ways of the Knytes. Now I had thought that in time here that we could have had Alex as well as TJ, trained even Ashley and/or April involved. Nope. Few if any wants to roll into a shabby motel and all for an interview. Starting Wednesday, I’m going to dig in and find out who owns that White house with the red trim just a few clicks from the Shell Truck stop out west of here . The place would make a great MC Club house and a place to plant the studio seed. Plans are still in the Works for our Rally in October next year at the Mini Cassia Fairgrounds. It’s 3 days, of Bikes, Boobs, Booze . Pretty much in that order, all Southern Confederate style. Deets on the Jam, in Thunder Press. We just added two new Charters and three Sub Charters this last week, One just north of our Charter at Indian Springs Nevada, which will be near Contact Nevada. Another at Oasis Nevada. SAMCRO MC and the Hazzard Knytes are growing again, albeit slow as a snails pace. If we can catapult over these stuck up women and the shirt and tie squares, we’ll get where we need to be. 


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