A first for a LDS Ward,this has never happened before.

Something happened this morning at Church, that may tarnish, my faith in a religious organization that I have been with since I was born. 

I went to Church like always, yet I was ushered out of the Chapel and out of the building. I was instructed to not return. Really? As of right now, I’m searching for the Stake and Branch President. Granted I came in just a T shirt, but until I am able to fetch the rest of my threads , it has to do. But I never thought that Heavenly Father cared about what I wore to worship him. Okay I do, have my nicotine addiction. But should that mean, I’m denied the ability to take sacrament and hear lessons? I think not. I wanted to be there today, but considering it was Testimony Meeting today, no biggy, but dang; being ushered out? Face it, The Church has never been so messed up since, President Nelson, took command. To say, I’m looking elsewhere to worship Heavenly Father is a understatement. More later after I calm down.

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