It’s truly a Love Affair, not just a one nights stand.

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From that one hour at the 1981 Salt Lake City AutoRama  when I was told I was on the right path, as well as the love and friendship of everyone on the production staff, the directors , and of course the cast, from Jimmy Best, to Ben Jones, as well as the Knytes, Hazzard County and all of it, has been a guiding light in some of my darkest hours. It’s not just the jumping General, its not just Daisy in her shorts and nylons, its the fact, that, that cast , came to the funeral, of my Mom in 1983. As well as a call from John, that day that engrained that life style into my deepest soul. This is something I had forgotten here as of late. When I posted that bit, about the LDS Church this morning giving me the boot. I got a call from Gy, who reminded me of sworn oaths to 4 deceased cast members that I would never forget or disguard, those oaths of allegence to things Hazzard County. Face it, Its been HazzardAyre Radio, that’s the heart of of KTOW, it was the shop being the only and original Hazzard Garage, that is now Cooter’s Toewing, as well as Cooter’s Kustmz. It’s been Hazzard County Choppers, that has been the corner stone of my life since 1987, so I said poop on it. Its time to put Highway Hooker Toewing, Heavy Rescue Toewing, on the shelf and go full throttle Cooter’s Toewing. For me its time to raise our flag: csaflag and jump the canyon. It’s Hazzard Fever. And I’m embracing it. 

So its time to put this op on the map. So we are in planning stages of a special, Hazzard County Nationals in March 2020. Where, PoohBear0830191740and I will be hitched. Hazzard County and all that means is dear to me. Uncle Jessie’s spirit is beside me all the time. I feel not just lucky, but blessed that it is and will always be a place I was and in my heart I still am. Sure, my Gen.Lee is gone now. It got stolen, Period it got stolen. But I do have my Gen. JaXson,>waiting General, and of course Lil Dixie > mini wolf 1 < and of course Southern Thunder aka LexiBelle > LexiBelle Wynged 2 < which soon will look somewhat like this > slick 65 < . Now I still will continue, the Wolf preesona, and all , however; I feel its time for me to glue my feet to the dirt, and lift this thing we do up, to things Hazzard County. 

Okkie Dokie: Haven’t heard from TJ for a few days. Glad Chip will refund the money I laid out for the wheels of Ice Queen. That’s one thing, that is the foundation of things Hazzard County. You mean what you say and say what you mean. If you say your into doing something for someone, do it. If for some odd reason, contact the person you made the deal with, and say, hey I just can’t do it. It’s common courtesy. In our ways of Hazzard County, its called a spit and shake. Which is sacred. There’s a simple line in Ole Waylon’s song, ” I’ve always been crazy” That goes, be careful of someone or something that is exactly what you want it to be. In science, it’s the Atom theory, that says, atoms of equal or like polarity repel each other. Maybe that’s what it was with TJ. Who knows. What ever it is, it cost, the Knytes and Me the chance to air ads on the Mayans coming up on Tuesday night at 23:00 on FX. I booked that time, had the script pretty much written, just needed the lady eye candy. Thought TJ along with Ice Queen would lend a great ad. Nope, she left us at the podium. So now need to find a honey for money to be Miss Hazzard County > images  < to be our pitch gal on our ads. As far as on air’s once we get there again, we have Alex > Alex < booked for that. This is going to be a 80 degree grade highway hill we have to climb, but hey I’m a Confederate Marine, and I have a inbreeded Hazzard County tenacity, and a fight the system attitude. If you don’t like it tough. d646c1b268cedc1885ea5e01d2d1d4f9 I had a experience this evening and I’ll leave you this for tonight. But I went down to Smith’s. There was this really skinny chik, who really has a chip on her shoulders. Now true there might be something at home that is her problem, but her hello, was one of those that you know was forced. Here’s my response to that and many others. You may not like me much, you may never have shaken my hand, but try to be happy and courties to me; for it will be most likely be me showing up to pull your butt and ride back on the highway, out of a snow bank, or after you wreck your ride this winter. In short always be nice to your toew truck driver. 


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