Some things just are just too advanced for some folks to grasp the first time.

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There are some things that you have to explain more than you at first meant. The Love Affair I mentioned, was not of a person, or even really , a thing, more of; a place. That Place flew right over some of our readers heads. It’s sad that few, if any of our younger than 50 year old’s can’t expand their minds to grip in their minds anything more than what is immediately in front of them. This is not a coincidence. I remember when the old RoadGang Truckers Radio show was on KSL AM 1160. We went in to put up ads for our heavy truck towing service. The sales-person asked why would we be interested? As I explained that their 50,000 watt signal reached more than the immediate metro Salt Lake City area. Then they understood. When that show was pulled from KSL, I asked them why? They said they were running out of advertisers. I asked why? After all Flying J Oil Company, and the Flying J Truck Stops were headquartered right there in their back yard. Right there in Brigham City. The truck dealers, engine dealers, etc were right there. Yet they could not reach them, why? Because they were only focused on what was in front of them. So in the core of our topic, here, I wanted to point out that we were focused on all things Hazzard County in the resurrection of our subsidiary, Cooter’s Toewing, etc. Yet because I described it as Southern style entertainment, the concept of Love Affair and such got misinterpeted as meaning a affair of the kind that’s part of romance novels. Yankee’s are just too simple to reach past the immediate observations and refuse to reach out of the box. More in the afternoon, I need more sleep.

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