Who ever that guy Murphy who wrote Murphy’s Law is, I wish he’d get out of Hazzard County.

You know that guy Murphy, the one who wrote Murphy’s Law; the one that goes, anything and everything will go wrong at the last minute? I wish he’d get out of Hazzard. I had the whole plan carved out, snag the money PoohBear sends me, pay for a few weeks more here in Burley, load Rick’s engine and tranny on LiL Dixie, haul that over. Then get in the bus, go to Detroit, get the Reaper, and drive back to Etown. Didn’t quite happen that way. A level 3 hurricane hit St. Pete, Florida, messed up PoohBear’s efforts on sending money, then was bringing LiL Dixie over from Twin, pushed in the Clutch, but Clutch didn’t work. OOps, after looking it over, the cable broke, the slave cylinder was shot. So ordered that because NOBODY in Burley, Twin Falls Idaho had a new one. Then I get some young whipper snapper from somewhere, saying that me fetching the Reaper > The Reaper < was bogus. Let’s see, have a rig headed to Detroit to fetch it, but because of some shytty weather they had to lay over , plus with a holiday, wide oversized loads are shut down. But its getting done. Thing is never, ever question my honor. Or my integrity, since you have no idea what your dealing with. I keep MY word. Thing is, whether its Barn Finds, FB , or any of those, you’ll always find at least one, maybe two people on there that become jealous or envious to the point they feel the need to start a fuss. It’s just we do, went others wont. Here’s an example or two. Bro, bought a Chevy Kambach station wagon. the tranny in it went out. At the same time LexiBelle’s engine went out. So we transplanted the engine from a Vette that Doug Whicham, in Hazzard had into LexiBelle, and the tranny, into Bro’s Vega. Considering the tranny is a Super T-10 Tranny, the drive shaft was just a smidge too short, so what did Bro do? Tore out the E-brake assembly, and drive, with one hand on the spinning drive shaft, and the other on the steering wheel. Many say, couldn’t happen, I say you had to be there. Or the fact Bro, could lift a small block V8 out of an engine bay with just his bare hands. Trust me he could and did many times. Considering he could curl 1500 pounds on just one arm. That was His excersize. On this planet, there are only 3 people who know me that well. Jon Muir of Layton, Utah. Current Exec Pres of the Knytes, Bro, who now lives in Vegas, and Rick who lives in ETown. Even with the numbers of the Knytes, only those 3 know me, that well, and well enough to tell you, that I truly will try something new at least once and if I like it, 4 times. Of course Bro, aka Allen Culbertson Junior, is no stranger to taking a dare either. I’ve seen him climb the side of the Salt Lake Hilton, I’ve seen him scrap with people four times his size, and I even saw the deed of jumping a Kawasaki KZ-1000 Police special over a creek just outside of Eagle Idaho. Even so, that’s just a bit of foolery that we did. If we say we’re doing something, we do it, just might take a bit longer than we had in mind. If that fellow Murphy, would leave Hazzard , we’d get it done much sooner. Okay then: Haven’t heard anything from TJ, guess that was the mirage that I thought it was. Took too much time messing with her , and depending on her, and not on both my company duties, as well as Club duties. As of such, our ad on premier night of the Mayan’s MC on FX wont happen. But if we’re having trouble with flushing out lady model/pitch girl talent for TV ad’s , perhaps other business’s are too. Which could be a thing that could make the Club money, as well as provide, the Club with a resource. Details at 23:00. Don’t forget, however the Mayans MC 01a4dac953eb3dab2f60f6793606b30ewhich is little more than a Latino version of > SOA Blood Patch < 23:00 hours Tuesday night on FX. With that in mind, think of a TV series, that opened the door to a Southern confederate version of SOA, of an MC with direct ties to the Dixie Mafia? Can you say? >Unity Logo the project is currently under construction. More L8R time for dinner.

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